David Welch Poems

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Don't Go Beyond The Ocean

Sabati was eight years old on the day
that his grandfather told him to sit down,
there was a story that he had to share,
that he was finally old enough now.

Thoroughbred Blues

In a hallowed grandstand,
I do quietly sit,
high above the noise
and ruckus of the pit.

In Order To Be Sane

A quiet call born of wind,
the rustling needles sound,
a hard chair of stony set,
cooler than dirty ground.

Fall Isn't Done

A carpet of orange dresses the ground,
trees growing bare as leaves flitter down,
nip in the air tells of stark days to come,
but not now at least, the Fall isn't done.

My Aunt's Regret

I have an aunt out in Cali,
we used to visit every year,
she had a yoga studio,
and my grandmother used to cheer

Platform Everyone

It seems a day cannot go by
without some fit of pique
over a person who spoke out,
who used his right to speak

A Woman Of Her Times

She was born as Holly Clarkson
in the year 1993,
and for most of her early days
she lived life uneventfully.

A Cowboy Poet Shot In The Shin

The cowboy poet went out
for a breath of fresh air.
Then a shot rang out,
coming out of nowhere.

Red Pill Poem

You say we're all one thought away
from seeing a woman and having a rape,
then proclaim we're patriarchal monsters
if we act like gentlemen on a date.

They Say They're Fighting Nazis

They say they're anti-fascists,
ANTIFA is their chosen name,
that they have to go fight Nazis,
on whom every bad thing they blame.

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