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Embracing Father Abraham - Poem by Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

Father Abraham, lead us towards God's will
Tell us which slaves to rape and which families to kill
Descendent of Noah, born of an unholy cause
Genocide is codified within your sacred laws
As Noah raped Ham, his very own son
Then cursed the boy for what he'd done
Same as Lot taking his daughters drunken with wine
Then when sober declaring, 'It's no fault of mine'
Abra-Kadabra is a joke of a spell
Abra-Ham has turned the world to hell
His children have scorched our sacred Earth
To prove which child has greater worth
And Africa they hate, for kicking him out
Do pilgrims kill Indians then struggle with doubt
Beautiful Canaan, Africa's hollowed crown
By war and empire you've been pounded down
Africa's horn, Abrahams' ground to shame
Call it by any of his children's name
With traumatic violence Abrahams' gagged our Mother
Beat her children so severely, they see Afrikaans as their brother
Abrahams' still rape their slaves, at Sarah's beckoned call
Still cries, they're only answering God's secret call
Father of Many Nations who could ask to be more
Your children worship you like the God of War
You whispered to Lazarus, 'Why should you care? '
Convincing him poverty was God's version of fair
Father Abraham, you exist only to take
Your purpose is found in your shallow namesake
Your ablative force is a Total War Doctrine
3 billion follow and none can stop them
Mother Africa is almost completely subdued
All thanks for this feat are owed unto you
Dear Father Abraham, I can serve you no more
Even if you attack me with all of your war
Try & rape me like the slaves you own
Try & turn my bones into you children's throne
I see through Abrahams like I see through Hitlers, Stalins and Trumans
And I see through how these devils drew men
To strangle their mothers and smother their siblings
Call their own psychosis spiritual quibblings
Centennial genocides 'a burnt offering to their God'
When I see Abrahams, Noahs and war, I see a fraud
Yes,3 billion follow and kill for this cause
I choose instead to succumb to lesser flaws
Your children may love you like the woman you raped
But that only show on their religions of hate
The Serpent may have deceived Mother Eve
But you, Father Abraham, have strangled her seed
Thus Mother Earth reflects your true character
Epitomized in Romes, Reichs & America
Father Abraham, Isaac me or I'll Isaac you
It's time someone had the sense to out think what you do

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Topic(s) of this poem: religion

Poet's Notes about The Poem

While all Abrahamic religious followers (roughly 3 billion living human beings) succumb to the psychological stimuli, that justifies sex with a slave as a reason to destroy her children, forever, it is only a 'belief system'. And as such, just a psychological construct susceptible to aggressive therapeutic counter measures. I intend on identifying them, or it, and bringing The Abrahamic Empire to a close. Not with a god, but with human imagination.

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