Ted L Glines

Rookie (13 December 1940 (Friday) / Long Beach, California USA)

Empty Plate - Poem by Ted L Glines

Empty Plate
by Ted L Glines

In the land of the rich - days are sunny
it's all about power - all about money
we read about them - laughing playing
entertaining us 'til we're old and greying.

If the DNC and the RNC
weren't eating our land so greedily
there'd be more on the plate for you and me
and brighter days for our kids to see.
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
are making no new loans today
because you proved you cannot pay
and hope has flown so far away.
Churches selling absolution
candidates give the big solution
words to make us congregate
and not one morsel for our plate.
Your greed and waste is your defeat
as your empty plate gives naught to eat
while hogs all see their finest hour
flaunting seats of royal power.
Fact of the matter - simply this
your own waste has strangled bliss
if you take what you need - nothing more
you would have no fear of being poor.
If you voted for leaders who really cared
you would find an increase to be shared
if you vote for those you ought to hate
you will see even less upon your plate.
Media rigged to divide you and me
no prayer of peace or harmony
“please give me truth” - we hear the cries
he-say she-say - they all say lies.
Consumer madness - the way of folk
buy this - buy that - and then you are broke
there are no caps - there are no lids
frustration builds - abuse your kids.
Leaders call for investigation
promise relief - a new regulation
when it never comes you start to frown
as your path is spiraling down down down.
Sooner or later - you're all spent out
nothing to do but sob and pout
thrown out of your house - into the street
and there's nothing left on your plate to eat.

In the land of the rich - days are sunny
they've finally gotten all of your money
we read about them - laughing playing
knowing it's us they are daily slaying.

Published on Authors Den on 19 July 2008. Among the reviews, here is one from Georg Mateos, a retired military officer (and friend) in Sweden. Oh, and yes, Georg loves Coors!

Did you know that with one month of Iraq’s war expenses you could buy:

3.151.756.938.244 bottles of Coors beer…or
77.891.440.747 bottles of Captain Morgan dark rum…or
294.113.992.088 War Veteran’s meals…or
126.759 Full-equipped shelters for homeless War Veterans?
Think about that and pull the chain of your filthy rich Congressman on the take.


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