Enemy Poem by Langston Hughes


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It would be nice
In any case,
To someday meet you
Face to face
Walking down
The road to hell...
As I come up
Feeling swell.

Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek 01 February 2016

the poems seems to be about challenge. It is short but expresses determination and willingness to face and challenge.

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RICARDO BLUE 11 January 2019

Listening to Langston Hughes Is like trying to eat a pair of shoes. Not slip on one but ones with laces And for desert my belt and braces.

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Gabriel parker 19 September 2018

Good poems and I like it’s.

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cookie765 05 June 2018

what da guys was that read by google or alexa or siri or what this frickin creeps me out

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harelydavidson2017 09 November 2017

walking walking walking like marching feet my favorite quote so far

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 14 October 2017

To someday meet you Face to face A challenge...in itself..in the poem.

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