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This poem is dedicated to Omer Adegair - shedding tears of (happiness and sadness) . This poem is dedicated to the young Sudanese generation who made the change with bare hands in their peaceful uprising of December 2018*

Let's begin the march
The one thousand miles today

I feel sad as sadness could be
Cause I'm afraid that one day;
I may not be able to say;
To my grandchildren, why animals deserted our planet

It is a long time since
I left my African Village
And to town I made my the passage
With a bundle of clothes

Maya Angelou, you are original
So, you are phenomenal

My wife
You are the essence of my life
My free space
Where no one could dare to trace

Sudanese were suffering since the military coup of 1989 by Omar Albasheer.

Millions of tears
Were shed at all spheres

I am a helpless bird in this cage
It is my home prison
And for no good reason
It is a half metre range

Dreams are the bliss for the bride in her first marriage day
And the hope for the sailor in a rough sea
And the delight of a graduate to get an (A)

In an endless horizon, in a lonely Zone
The Robben Island stood apart and alone
Amid an angry water, where nothing to see

It was just a dream, a strange dream
It was a dream, only a dream,
That I saw the elephant in the streets of Khartoum
Walking with a leisurely pace

I have always dreamt of flying a plane
And travelling miles and miles away
Swiftly flying over vast plains

Make your dreams like wild flowers
Freely grow in the moor to get the power
And send their scents equally to the rich and the poor
Let your dreams be the joy of the maid

Dreams are colorful
As the rainbow
Dreams like streams
Some are fast

It was fifteen years ago
I was forty-five
You were twenty-two

Despite you ugly Antonov *
Despite your horrible Molotov
Despite your terrible Kalashnikov

You have stolen my money
But money is compensable.
You have stolen my land
But land is retrievable

Sniper! !
Why do you disguise
in that disgraceful mask
To do your dirty task

The last time I saw him
There he slept in peace
In calmness
With a smile on his face

I -hereby- confess,
that I loved many women
Some were so hot
Some were shy and a bit cold

River Nile
Oh, River Nile!
You run like a silver chain
Through the green African plains

Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek Biography

Mr. Siddiek was born i in Erahad in Kordofa - Sudan in 1957. He got his BA in English with MERIT from Khartoum University in 1982, an MA in Translation from the Islamic Institute for Translation in Khartoum, and another master's degree in teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from University of Juba -Sudan in 2001. He got his Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics with EXCELLENT in Language Assessment in 2004 from Omdurman Islamic University-Sudan. Since then, Dr. Siddiek has been lecturing in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. He published many articles in ELT journals in USA, UK, Canada, Finland, Australia, India and Sudan. He wrote in different topics in language and education. His work is widely cited by scholars from all over the world. He attended conferences and read papers in Harvard and Purdue in USA. His papers were also accepted in other places such as France, Canada and UK. He is the Author of two books: 'Assessment of the Sudan School Certificate English Examinations' and 'Language Challenges in Post-War Sudan.' Siddiek's major fields of interest are language testing, language planning, translation & Teacher Training. He is a member of editorial Boards of many ELT international journals. He has a collection of poems in which he addressed some socio-cultural, political and environmental issues at regional and international levels. Dr. Siddiek is now associate professor in applied linguistics in Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University and an associate fellow at Khartoum University in Sudan.)

The Best Poem Of Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek

The One Thousand Miles Journey Begins Today

This poem is dedicated to Omer Adegair - shedding tears of (happiness and sadness) . This poem is dedicated to the young Sudanese generation who made the change with bare hands in their peaceful uprising of December 2018*

Let's begin the march
The one thousand miles today
And pave the way
To build the new Soodan
And draw the name of this country
In the book of the human history
Let us begin the march
Let's begin with a wide stride
With full pride
And ride the one thousand miles
Over deserts and across the Nile
To freedom, justice and peace
And draw on the happy faces millions of smiles
Let us begin the march
Let's celebrate the birth of new generations
Equipped with better education
To be the best of all the nations
Let's begin the dreams of freedom, justice and peace
Let's begin the race
Let us begin the march
And we have done
We have started the run
And it was no surprise
We made it and won the prize
We went the one thousand miles distance
To freedom with resistance
Hand in hand as twins
We have crossed and made the wins
The one thousand miles begins today
With high dreams we go the long way
Together we build schools for children
Where they can study and learn
And spend some of the day
Drawing animals and trees
And play games in peace
And rejoice
With loud voices
Pleased with their toys
And full with joys
Then we build roads from the north to the east
From the south to the west
So the farmer can happily go to sell his goods
And because he is the one who provides the foods,
We will thank him for his work
With a dispensary to cure his family
And care for his newborn in the new Soodan
Where every child, woman or man
Can practice happiness with no fear
In a free democratic atmosphere
And we all aspire for prosperity
With dignity
Among the nations of the world
With pride and integrity
With unity and solidarity
To achieve the big dreams in a new country

*Omar Adegair is the President of the Sudanese Congress Party, who shed tears of happiness and sadness when he was assigned to read the speech of the Civilian Negotiators with the Military Junta at the event of coming to an agreement about the Constitutional Declaration in Khartoum on August 4 2019

Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek Comments

Mahtab Bangalee 26 January 2020

Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek; the poet of peaceful, truthful and realistic dream where the life finds the righteous path and goal of successful. He also a wise and true poetic critic from Sudan. Dear Poet May You Live Long

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Prabir Gayen 20 February 2019

A good poet and a critic...a sensitive heart and a bard of Sudan..May God bless you..

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Dr Mohammad Asif 03 June 2018

Many congratulations.

1 0 Reply
Hassan ALSHAMU 22 April 2018

Congratulations. Oh, It is really great pleasure to hear this. ALlah bless you H.Alshami

1 0 Reply
Islam 22 April 2018

God bless you doctor

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