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Epic Eternal Love Of Cupid And Psyche, Metamorphoses, Queen Isis!

Enchanting is the Legend Of Love, Eternal Love of Cupid and Psyche, Tale for all mortals and immortals
True Love of Cupid and Psyche, God Of Love's Love for a mortal beauty got her placed among immortals

Cupid in Roman, Eros in Greek, Amor in Latin, All are but the names of the Winged God Of Love
Cupid, God Of Love, Charmer and Bestower of Love did fall in Love with a dame, charm of Love

Cupid Divine Being, Powerful and perfect, most beautiful, immortal God from Heaven, Creator, Superior
Psyche Human Being, weak and clumsy, beautiful, good mortal creature from the Earthly World, Inferior

Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Her Divine Interference beautifies human nature and Nature
Morning Star, Beautiful Rose, Pearl Oyster, Immortal glory of Love, Art and feelings beautiful by nature

My Gratitude and Prayers To Supreme Goddess Om Sri AdiShakti, Venus- Aphrodite, Isis-Eset, Power Of Powers
All Life, Wisdom, World, Universe exist and manifest by the will of the Divine Power, Cosmic Mother Empowers

I, Manjeshwari am Grateful and Thankful To the Divine Power for bestowing me with the gift of Creative writing
Venus, the Ravishing One, the Giver of Arts, Love, Beauty, Riches, Fame; All Creations are Her Divine Ruling

Living and Lifeless, Order and Chaos, Form and Formless, Light and Darkness, Day and Night, all are essential
This is the secret of the Cosmos, Rotational cycle of Nature, generation, destruction and regeneration is crucial

Five Elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Sky constitute for the existence of every human, Nature Divine Power
Five Senses - To See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Touch things, all real experience, Soul is conscious of Divine Power

Latin Acrostic Palindrome Rotas Square - ROTAS OPERA TENET AREPO SATOR - Five Magic words Amulet, Bliss Mother Isis
Read in alternate direction, order - ROTAS AREPO TENET OPERA SATOR - Rotating Ox upholds the works of the Creator, As Is

Zodiac and Seasonal cycles are important for Life to thrive, Earth reflects Cosmic Power, Tree Of Life, Eternal Revival
Saturn, the God of Agriculture makes sure that Earth is filled with sprouting seeds, bountiful crops, food for survival

Civilization, Seven Literary Arts - Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy - Ancient wisdom
Seven Masters of the Seven Rays light celestial to terrestrial to underworld, disperse cosmic light and cosmic wisdom

Nature, Agriculture, Culture are the foundation of human Civilization, Pure Soul seeks eternal Bliss, Love and Wisdom
In 2021, We are amidst Coronavirus Pandemic, struggling with Time and Space, Beyond Three Dimensions is real Wisdom

Life, Death and Afterlife were all part of Ancient Cultures - Nature and Cosmos both were relevant and closely observed
We must be Thankful to GOD for granting Us human lives - Be wise, Learn, Goodness and Greatness must be preserved

Apuleius Lucius narrates this legend with tales in his Latin Novel Metamorphoses-The Golden Ass
Inspired by Greek text 'Lucius of Patrae' - narrator and lead character, man transformed into an ass

The story of Lucius, a sword-swallower who travelled around Rome in search of riches and fortune
Curiosity makes him transform into an ass, life of toil, turmoil and Self-realization ends his misfortune

While in Hypata, One night, Lucius watches his Mentor Milo's wife Pamphile transform into a bird by magic
Lucius is eager to learn magic; Photis, Milo's maid tries her hand on him, Lucius becomes an ass, tragic

Lucius must eat a fresh rose in order to return to his human form, dark of the night, must wait until morning
Fate! , Before daybreak, Lucius the ass is stolen by thieves robbing Milo's house, stuck as an ass, wondering

In the cavern, dwelling of the thieves, Lucius comes across a rich young bride held captive, Charite
Crying Charite is consoled by an elderly woman who is an ally of the thieves, naive Dear Charite

The old lady gently caressing Charite, begins to tell her the lovely tale of Cupid and Psyche
Lucius is hopeless, Bewildered Lucius the ass gleans on the tale of Cupid and Psyche

Psyche, an earthly being, beautiful woman, princess was praised by all, annoying Venus
Beautiful yet none sought Psyche for marriage, she was foretold as being cursed, Act of Venus

Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, was neglected by earthly humans, they lost Her accord
How could they forget the Judgement of Paris? , Lovely Venus won the Golden Apple of discord!

Juno, Minerva and Venus wanted to win the golden apple inscribed ' The Most Beautiful ', competition
Paris got the love of Helen, Queen of Sparta became Queen of Troy, Trojan war and great destruction

When Goddesses couldn't win over Venus, What chance does mortal beauty Psyche have? , not even near
Psyche was the youngest daughter of a King, a small Kingdom in Greece, tales of her beauty reached far

Oracle of Apollo tells Psyche's father that Psyche must be abandoned on a mountain
She would marry the ugliest creature, destined to be doomed, Fate so sure and certain

The Oracle of Apollo was merely the words of what Goddess Venus had ordered
Venus, Mother of Cupid was jealous of Psyche's mortal beauty being appraised

Zephyrus, the warm West wind God gracefully lifts Psyche and puts her on top of the mountain
Psyche unaware of what Fate holds for her, silently cries, scared and lonely on the mountain

Cupid, the God of Love strikes the heart of the chosen ones with floral arrows from his Golden bow
Smitten and blessed with Love, instant and constant love, lucky are ones charmed by Love arrow

Psyche must be punished, Venus sends her son Cupid to strike Psyche with a Love arrow
The arrow is meant to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest creature on Earth, fatal harrow

Cupid is invisible to most mortals, gallantly flies around with fine wings and got beauty like no other
Young Cupid reaches the mountain top and glances at the beautiful Psyche, falls in love with her

In a blissful moment, he gasps and forgetfully scratches himself with his own arrow of love
Cupid is smitten by Psyche, charmed by the magic of true love, Cupid wouldn't leave his love

Cupid becomes Psyche's mysterious husband, builds her a beautiful castle, music, maids, rose garden
Cupid is invisible to her by day and only visits her at night, in the dark; warns looking at him is forbidden

Psyche is happy with Love, until she is misled by her sisters who visit her, jealous of her life in full glory
They poison Psyche's mind, remind her about the Oracle, her husband must be a dangerous monster, gory

Disturbed Psyche decides to break her promise to Cupid, have a look at him that very night while he is asleep
Concerned about her unborn child, she holds a lamp for light and a razor to behead the Monster in his sleep

Psyche lovingly beholds Cupid, gazes at his face radiant as full moon, soft-winged, most divine being, Love
Psyche unknowingly pricks herself with an arrow from Cupid's quiver, smitten by Cupid, magic of true love

Psyche happy with her destiny, her being in love with Love, her joy of bearing a divine child, her hand fumbles
Sleeping Cupid awakens rumbling with pain, Psyche had dropped hot oil from the lamp on him, Psyche trembles

Psyche enchanted by the most handsome immortal Cupid, ashamed of her conduct, is guilty of his painful plight
Cupid hurt by burn wounds, more so by Psyche's distrust, abandons her and flies back to Heaven that very night

Cupid is heartbroken, Heavenly body injured, his Mother Venus is angry with the drastic turn of events
Psyche misses her loving husband Cupid, invisible God of Love, love without trust ruins Love, repents

Psyche's envious sisters, unhappy to have mortal husbands, want to take Psyche's place in Cupid's life
They both die in this evil bid, falling down the mountain, punished by Wind God, Psyche is Cupid's wife

Psyche, a mortal can't fly but wants to pursue Cupid to Heaven, disheartened, desperately wanders
Psyche reaches Venus's Abode, Cupid is somewhere in there, both are nearly unaware, Fate wonders

Venus takes Psyche as Her slave, assigning four impossible tasks, to mock the mortal beauty, show her place
Psyche is put to test by Venus, mortal Psyche must prove she is worthy of Cupid, pregnant Psyche in disgrace

Venus throws a great mass of mixed seeds, lentils, wheat, barley, poppy seeds, chickpeas, sort of tough task
Ordering Psyche to sort them into separate heaps by dawn, friendly ants come to her rescue, finish first task

Venus wants Psyche to drown, Psyche must cross a river, fetch the golden fleece of a violent golden sheep
Second task, Psyche is saved from drowning by talking reeds, briers collect the golden fleece off the sheep

Venus sends Psyche to fill a crystal jar with black waters from the Mountain Lake that spews Styx and Cocytus rivers
Jupiter sends his Eagle to help her, Eagle fetches water by tricking the roaring dragons, third task done, Psyche shivers

A quest to the underworld is the fourth and the last trial Venus imposes on Psyche, to obtain a dose of beauty
Psyche reaches the threshold of underworld, must seek Proserpina, Queen of the underworld, Giver of beauty

Psyche tries to fall off a tower to reach underworld, tower speaks and reveals the route to Regia Of Orcus, through Dis
Psyche must ignore lame man with mule, drowning man in river Styx, a weaver woman, never to stop, not to forget this

Psyche carries two cakes as treats for Cerberus, the three-headed watchdog of Orcus, treats to distract it to turn away
Psyche hides two gold coins in her mouth, to pay Charon the ferryman, one for entry and the other for return, two-way

Kind Proserpina, wife of Orcus - the King of Underworld, warns to be careful, gives Psyche pyxis-box with magic beauty potion
Psyche sets for Heaven, opens the box in a curious bid to enhance her own beauty, put to deadly sleep, spell of sleep potion

Healed Cupid seeks Psyche, Mercury the Messenger God informs him about Psyche's folly, her being asleep, near to death
Cupid flies to his wife, gently touches her with his magical arrow, Kiss of Love revives Psyche, awakens her from sleep, death

Cupid carries his wife Psyche to Heaven, gives the pyxis-magic beauty potion box to his Mother Venus, final task is completed
Venus knows that Cupid and Psyche are truly in love with each other, the happy Mother sighs, basking in eternal glory granted

Jupiter pleased by the ardent love of Psyche and Cupid, grants immortality to Psyche, Psyche drinks Ambrosia, becomes Divine
Heaven greets the lovely couple with a wedding ceremony and a banquet, Mortal beauty Psyche is now heavenly immortal Divine

Heavenly Feast adorned by the presence of all the Gods and Goddesses, Nymphs, Fauns, Satyrs, Enjoy Heavenly Happiness
Apollo on His Lyre, Venus sings and dances with flair, Ceres, Mars, Mercury, all Gods and Goddesses Enjoy Nectar of happiness

Cupid and Psyche Enjoy the heavenly nectar, and the eternal joy of Life, Eternal bliss of Love, Essence of Love Divine
Psyche and Cupid live happily ever-after on Mount Olympus, they name their daughter Voluptas-Pleasure, Love is divine

Psyche represents immortal soul, Cupid represents Divine Love, Soul Enjoys Divine Bliss with Love, union sublime
Butterfly symbolises heavenly soul, freely floats in the Sky, lives in a garden of flowers, drinks nectar, life so sublime

A pair of butterflies are like Cupid and Psyche, Enjoying the Bliss of Heavenly flight, Beauty, Love, Nectar and goodness
Both Love and Soul are invisible but eternally present, Love purifies the Soul, Life without feelings, realization is worthless

Story ends and Charite is hopeful of her lover Tlepolemus, turmoil of Lucius the ass is unheard, groans on as an ass
Charite is rescued by her bride Tlepolemus, so is Lucius the ass, many stories unfold to be told, struggles as an ass

Tlepolemus, Charlite's bridegroom disguised as Haemus, infamous thief intoxicates and kills the thieves, Charite rescued
Lucius the ass feasts at their home, Charite is kind to the animal, for carrying her, unsuccessful escape bid that was foiled

Charite is shocked by the death of Tlepolemus, evil friend Thrasillus had taken him on boar-hunt and killed Tlepolemus the brave
Thrasillus's lust for Charite, Truth Revealed by Ghost of Tlepolemus, Charite blinds Thrasillus and runs to Tlepolemus's grave

Charite kills herself with Tlepolemus's sword, her body is placed along Tlepolemus's body, Village mourns, dear Charite
Blind Thrasillus repents, places his deadly sword as burial gift to Charite, decides to wash his sins by fasting, dear Charite

Lucius the ass is sad with the tragic end of Tlepolemus and Charite, Lucius does recur the goodness of lovely Charite
Beasts are wild, none are as wicked as humans, cruel, cunning, evil, jealous, lusty, betrayer, greedy, misses poor Charite

Tlepolemus and Charlite in a Sarcophagus, their loving souls might have got the Grace of Cupid and Psyche, united in Heaven,
Cupid and Psyche, the Heavenly Lovers, know the ways of the World, spread love, protect lovers on Earth and in Heaven

The tragic love story of Tlepolemus and Charite is a reverse, mirror image of Cupid And Psyche's Mythical Happy Love Legend
Mise en abyme technique, replicating, embedded narrative style has many stories interwoven, captivating the reader till the end

Lucius in his human form was mocked by his old friend Pytheas for overpaying for fish, he had to go hungry, friend trampled on the fish
Lucius was falsely accused, tried for murdering three men, mockery for the Annual Festival of Laughter, weary of men mean and selfish

Aristomene's Tale of how witches killed his friend Socrates, replaced heart with Sea Sponge, Socrates died by drowning in river, mayhem
Thelypron's Tale is similar, witches steal parts of corpse and replace with wax replica, dead man alive testifies his wife had poisoned him

All the stories: Tale of the Wife's Tub, The Tale of the Jealous Husband, The Tale of the Fuller's Wife, Tale of the Jealous Wife, Lucius's tale
Every story showcases the ugly nature of humans, beasts seem better than the most learned humans, painful truth told by means of a tale

Lucius the ass tortured by a boy, attacked by rabid dogs, survives being served as meat, heard many tales, witnessed crime
Lucius the ass sickened by torture, sinister acts, got a taste of confectioner's sweets, a beast with unruly fame and shame

Lucius caught in the body of a beast of burden, been through demeaning experiences, finally reaches the threshold of realisation
Lucius flees, to end his cursed Fate, hopeful at the sight of Full Moon, dips Seven times in the Sea, prays to Goddess for redemption

Isis dressed in vibrant attire, white, yellow and red, white sparkling gem at the center of floral crown made of corns, fruits and flowers
A black Robe filled with shining stars and Moon, the Egyptian Sky Goddess Isis is Venus, Ceres, Proserpina, Diana, Power Of Powers

Isis, The Queen Of Heaven appears and tells Lucius to eat Sacred Crown of Roses at the Temple Altar of Isis, Isis is Her True Name
Lucius follows, regains his human form during the Navigium Isidis, he praises and thanks Goddess Isis, gets blessed with Fame

Isis, the Goddess of Heaven, Queen, Earth, Underworld, Bestower of Magic, Power, Happiness, Wisdom in all realms, Life and Afterlife
Cosmic Mother, Prime Goddess, Sun, Moon, Sirius-Dogstar, Sky, Rose, Soul, Mirror, Spring, fertile lands, Protector of Soul and Life

Isis dressed in golden attire, adorning the crown with Sundisk amidst bull's horns, serpent hood, her Wings spread out beautifully
Powerful as the Sun, Magical as the moon, Bright as Dogstar, those Mortals and Immortals seeking her blessings, live on gracefully

Apollo the Sun God, Ra and Horus, Eyes of the Sky, Sun Gods that grant Key of Life, Breath of Life, Isis Rules them with Her might
Sun give the light and Energy to all forms, living, non-living, Breath of Life, Soul is the beholder of the Essence of Life, Eternal Light

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, worshipped by the Romans, the brightest star in the Night Sky, Power over World and Underworld
Rising from the waves of the Nile, nurturing Her every domain, Wisdom of Magic, Magic of Wisdom, Words that rule the World

Queen Isis gave New Graceful Life to a tormented soul, blessed with third eye of wisdom, Isis who holds the Ankh, Key of Life
Isis who brought her husband Osiris, the King Of Underworld back to Life, protected her son Horus, Isis, the Giver, Breath Of Life

Lucius thanked Queen Isis for his redemption, Isis, the Goddess of Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Foundation, Legendary Ancient pillars
Metamorphoses of Apuleius has nothing to do with Ovid's Epic Metamorphoses, both literary works have inspired poets and scholars

Lucius lived in Julius Caesar Era, his novel ' The Metamorphoses - The Golden Ass ' is the oldest ancient Roman novel in Latin
The book dates back to 2nd Century CE, the narrative style, transformation, clear vivid description, tales with inset tales within

Legendary Love Story of Cupid and Psyche has been inspiring poets, painters, sculptors, artists and art-lovers alike, real treasure
Nothing is more captivating than a tale that makes one feel, imagine, wonder and wander along as long as you like, real pleasure.

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