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Love is a Beautiful Sweet Feeling
Love is Caring and Sharing
Love is Forever, True Happiness
Love is Sunshine, Rain; Rainbow

Love is like the damask rose
Once smitten, bound by its charm
Vividly feeling nature so close
Every moment makes feelings warm

Raindrops sparkle any day
Look up the sky for a ray

You may find a rainbow

Ek Santh aisa Shirdi mein hai bassa
Chaha na kuch Apna, banaya sab ko Apna
Na koi uncha, na koi neecha, na koi aamir, na koi gharib

When two hearts beat with the same rhythm
Love is the song that flows as an anthem
Life holds the Two Together in all walks of life
Long journey of life, as husband and wife

It's got to be your day,
When birds sing on a Sunday;
It's got to be a Happy day!

Beautiful is the smile
That catches every glimpse
No wonder its Nature's art
Sign of the Happy Heart

Every flower that blooms withers
Very true is the tale,
Even the brightest and the pale;
Rich in softness, fragrance, beauty and colors

Here comes in the maiden year of the decade
Bringing in new hopes and dreams on parade;
Welcome with new zest, pride and courage
It shall take you to a new stage;


Since time uncountable
Since events unaccountable

HOPE has always been there

Spring of Greenery!

The Season is here
The Reason to celebrate

Let me share my view about my city, Mysore
The Palace city, hi-tech and green, not a noisy galore
Ancient and Modern structures blend together
Making the city look richer and better


Ruling Nations is Power
Ruling Minds is Wisdom
Ruling Hearts is Divine.

Never knew how strange Life's ways are
Even a tiny particle has its own place
It plays a key role someday, somewhere
Everything exists, thrives by God's Grace.

She is so beautiful,
She is elegant and fragile;
She is very sensitive,
Yet so powerful;

India, the Land rich in Traditions and Culture
Proud of Her Great Past, Present and Future
Agricultural diversity, serene beauty, monsoon Rain
Was Invaded for Jems, Spices, Art and Rich Terrain

Here comes the Season of Spring
Nature beckons with a new beginning
Brings in a lot of Liveliness and freshness
Relishing, Celebrating Nature's wonderfulness.

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Love is a Beautiful Sweet Feeling
Love is Caring and Sharing
Love is Forever, True Happiness
Love is Sunshine, Rain; Rainbow

Love is Affection, Admiration, Adoration
Love is Bonding and Binding
Love is the Strongest Emotion
Love is Devotion and Dedication

Love is Invaluable yet Common
Love is Being Good and Thoughtful
Love is Trusting and Being Trustworthy
Love is Universe and Universal

Love is Giving and Forgiving
Love is Passion and Compassion
Love is Patience and Commitment
Love is Togetherness and Understanding

Love is Perseverance and Responsive
Love is Dream, Hope, Fulfilment
Love is Mystical.Mythical and Real
Love is Sensation, Meditation, Spiritual

Love is Kindness, Gentle Touch
Love is Fire, Air, Ether, Water and Earth
Love is Mind, Heart, Body and Soul
Love is Natural, Creative and Growth

Love is Patriotism and Humanity
Love is Peace and Prosperity
Love is Family and the World
Love is Persistence and Freedom

Love is Conservation and Generosity
Love is Self and Selflessness
Love is Finding Yourself, Reaching Out
Love is the Deepest Feeling

Love is Any or All of These, yet Undefined
Love to Live, Live to Love
Love is the Essence of Life
Love is Divine!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 April 2020

Manjeshwari P MYSORE is a very nice and talented poetess who loves to write beautiful poems in different topics. She has deep perception about life, love, nature and society. She explains love as power of growth, success and peace. She adds human values in her writings. Her poems are very pleasing to read. Like rainbow she sprinkles valuable colours of values through her poems and serves for the literary world. I am wishing her all the best! May God bring happiness!

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Manjeshwari P MYSORE Quotes

The heart knows what the mind can't even imagine.

GOD is One but sought and known by different names.

Life is short, unpredictable so make the best while you can and live a meaningful life filled with Love, Happiness and Grace.

Smile is contagious and happiness is transmissible so always spread the light of goodness by smiling.

Life is a journey without a map or directions, not even a clue about the path or destination but it's as per God's plan, so choosing our path of action leads to our fateful destination.

Life is as beautiful as our outlook and as fruitful as our efforts.

Life is unpredictable, everything may not go as planned so just relax, take a deep breath and Enjoy whatever Life gives you. :)

The way a person thinks, behaves depends on the Nature of the person, the innate inner personality; upbringing and education may teach Right things but not change the true nature of a Being; Conscience and Love control and beautify Nature.

By Birth you become male or female. With Age you become man or woman. By Choice you become Gentleman or Lady.

Every day there must be a time to smile..anytime. Even if the world thinks you are crazy.. Smile on :) .

Life is the Best teacher for it teaches unique things in unique ways and each aspect of Life is unpredictable yet has its own way of being predictable and taking precedence.

Life is the Best teacher for it teaches unique things in unique ways and each aspect of Life is unpredictable yet has its own way of being predictable and taking precedence.

Love, Laugh and Live Every Moment of Life. Life is to be Enjoyed not just endured..Feel Alive.

Love is the purest expression of eternal true feelings of affection.

Life is memories, experiences, dreams, chances, choices and wishes; what one has, what one wants, what one gets and how it all adds up or not finally.

Life is all about mind, body and soul transforming into a state of absolute awareness not mere existence. Life is defined yet undefined.

God is Our Great Creator, Who can make or break us anytime. The blessed ones are lucky and the unlucky ones are not so fortunate.

Love defines itself.

The Key factor for a Happy Life is the proper outlook that comes from an inner sense of feeling of being content by having an understanding free mind, disciplined body, loving heart and an enlightened soul.

Soulmates are two souls that seek each other, only complete when both are together forever. A sense of solace and blissful happiness with each other, a divine bond of love, trust and care.

God is not bound by any religion or religious beliefs. It's our human perception that's limited and bound by our own narrow mindsets.

God is One..Love is God..Humanity is Godliness 😃💐😇

Nature doesn't need or depend on humans but every human being needs and depends on Nature..God made Nature and Humans but Humans have changed this world as a place for humans alone that too with lot of biases, hate, discrimination and destruction..The worst thing being in the name of religion or to say in the name of 'God'. I wonder when God is going to Come and stop this.. Legend says God comes on Earth or sends Someone to Earth to end this chaos..God changes all things and turns around the world whenever the limit of tolerance exceeds..well..that would be most chaotic for humans but apt for all other forms of Life, Nature and Earth.

Life is a journey.. lonely and tiresome for some...happy and a caravan for the lucky few.. Just walk on until you find your destination or where Life takes you..👍🙂

Rain and Umbrella go together 🌧️☔😀

Rain and Umbrella go together 🌧️☔😀

Life, Time and Destiny are constantly on the move.. Treasure every moment 😀

Live life every day.. Enjoy moments of happiness in little things.

Trees are a pleasant sight and the shade to fragrance around them is relaxing.

Smile and shine to make it better for you, all around you. You will see the magic of a genuine smile 😊.

Sky, Clouds, Trees all speak. Nature communicates in a subtle or loud way with those who understand.

Life is never smooth..just keep walking..never lose hope..hold on to your values and will reach your destination..Be Brave and Compassionate.

God, The Creator knows Why, When, Where, What and How things will be.

Spend Time with friends and family Happy moments are the treasure you share and cherish.

Breeze makes the leaves and flowers swing and sway, flowers dance along with the breeze, fall down with grace.

Make best of what you got from Life, in Life. Nothing lasts forever whether its happiness or sorrow.

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Manjeshwari P MYSORE Popularity

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