Soulful One

~erasure~ - Poem by Soulful One

sometimes feelings of hurt, pain
disappointment, emptiness, loneliness
left in the wake of a
broken connection to another
can leave sensations
so sharp
so acute
wishing for the end of
it all is not enough
because even at the end of pain
when you stand at
the edge of oblivion
pieces of memory
of a shared life
that is no longer
or of a life that
could have been
but isn't
flash before your eyes
jagged shards of memory
of dreams unfulfilled
biting cutting scraping
at the edges of your psyche
making so many once beautiful
tender loving moments in time
so many fanciful dreams of
what could be
too painful to bare witness
even in recollection
so that your heart cries out for mercy
for the solace and comfort
that can only be embraced
in forgetfulness
erasing all traces and trails
of thoughts memories dreams
of the taste of her lips
the texture of her skin
the scent of her
the sound of her heartbeat &
breath in sleep
the sunrize in her eyes
the rise of the moon in her smile
erased from my mind
from the memory of my body
and the feel of her
in my arms or molded to my back
moments in time
dreams of what could be
but aren't
so melancholy and bittersweet
too painful to revisit
if mercy is granted
all thoughts memories & dreams
will be erased
the slate swept clean
as though it never happened
never existed
yet still leaving me
utterly hollow
and completely undone
with no memory of why


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poem Edited: Saturday, April 24, 2010

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