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Erato My Muse Of Love Poetry. (Full Version) - Poem by Yor Nella

Such idealised womanhood portrayed as a goddess
adorned as only a woman could festooned in loveliness.
Wrapped with grace and grandeur her beauty everlasting
her charming shape and splendour all Muses surpassing.

He stood there in the presence of such divinity
seduced by her very essence of femininity.
Mesmerised by her loveliness his soul had no defence
was smitten by her comeliness and her magnificence.

Her body's curvaceous design so wondrously feline
with contours shaped so neat and fine and looking all divine.
Confronted by beauty like this He just could not resist
and succumbed to her world of bliss surrendering to loves kiss

Great passion that should have stayed dead had now just been woken
and words that should not have been said had also been spoken.
The door to love pushed opened wide. Could he now enter in?
To be allowed to go inside and lovemaking begin?

Or will his passion be confined to poetry alone
To dream of their bodies entwined and passions left unknown.
Unrequited love's broken heart would be so hard to bear
He'd been pierced by Erato's dart needing his love to share.

But true love never does run smooth. His approach went all wrong.
For Erato was to disapprove her vehemence so strong.
How could this puny, mortal man woo a lovely goddess
and dare to consider or plan to spoil her loveliness?

So she banished him from her sight and the poet lay dead
for his ability to write had disappeared and fled.
No more words of love were spoken her rebuke pierced him through
unrequited love had broken his tender heart in two

Oh how shall man of woman born approach those heights sublime?
He shall in death forever mourn his Muse of loving rhyme.
For on loves battlefield once more a mortal man was slain
and from his eyes tears of sorrow pour, he cannot bare the pain.

Doomed to live a life in exile, his love he cannot share
though he's been dead a little while life drags so slowly there.
There's no more colour in his world only darkness and gloom
Love like a flower once unfurled will now no longer bloom.

Despondent and lonely he died in his unworthiness
his Erato to woo he had tried, loves ultimate goddess.
Now he would never enfold her in his loving embrace
and he could no more behold her or look upon her face

His heart in great anguish cried, 'Love has forsaken me'
for love rejected and denied caused him such agony.
His all he'd give whate'er the cost to view her loveliness
but there's no hope for all was lost. Ahead such loneliness.

The foolish man a goddess wooed seeking to rise above
this earthly plain and be imbued with dear Erato's love.
So let us learn from his mistake and not aspire so high
but from this earth a lover take lest we too err and die.

All of my Muse poems are now listed under the poet name
Erato Mymuse

Topic(s) of this poem: woman

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Inspired by Elizabeth

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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