Yor Nella

Emotional Roller Coaster - Poem by Yor Nella

We were celebrating with Paul and Annie today.
‘Which outfit is the best? ', I hear you say
'Elegant, my love' I said; 'You look just perfect'
And then we set off not knowing what to expect

We arrived at the church with plenty of time to spare,
you sat with your friends and had fun with them there
You laughed at life's struggles and had a great time
Smiling and joking with everyone, life was just fine

As the evening passed the time came for the cake
'Will they like it', you thought, 'it was difficult to make'
As the cake was given out amongst all the frivolity
'It will be alright', I said confident in your ability

Vicky liked it so much so she pinched another piece
'Lionel would love some too', she said full of mischief
'Where's my piece of cake' Barbara said to me.
As Vicky hid the cake away so that no one could see

You were sitting and chatting when you heard me say
'Where's Tanfield house? ' we can go home that way
For Vicky was determined to give Lionel his meal
And had persuaded Mike to take her as part of the deal

'It would be much better if we take her', I said
Whisked you out of your seat and away we sped
'Don't go down the IDR it will be too busy today'
So towards Madejski stadium we drove on our way

The road was completely choc-a-bloc to our dismay
For Reading were playing football at home that day
'Let's turn back now', you said in deep anguish
But I carried on, wanting to grant Vicky her wish

The car crawled along slower than a snails pace
As nearer and much nearer we came to that place
Tanfield house a home of memories and deep emotion.
For dad had stayed there when you had your operation.

Lionel was so thrilled and Vichy was so glad
I looked at you, my beloved and you were so sad
tears flowing down your cheeks and l felt so bad
'I'm 60' you said 'and I'm still missing my dad'

We walked outside to get a bit of private space.
And I placed my face next to your tearful face
'You cared for your dad as Jesus would have done
I think you have been so lovely to brave it alone'

You had washed dad's feet in such a loving way
It was like washing the feet of Christ that day
We walked back to see Vicky and Lionel together
and took Vicky home feeling at end of our tether

Glad to get home we walked down the path
Jon, Hev and the kids were there and we tried to laugh
'Good to see you', they said unaware of the mayhem
'Luvs you too', we replied glad to be home with them

The evening quickly passed by and Hev went to bed
'I'll take Jon to Goring, you get some rest', I said
and got into the car and went with Jon on our way
As you began your preparations for the next day.

When I got back from Goring you had run a hot bath,
'Can I get in too', I asked and we began to laugh
We both relaxed and were beginning to feel fine
'Time for a foot rub', I said lifting your leg onto mine.

We talked and shared our feelings about the day
Your face lit up and you smiled at me in a loving way
My heart missed a beat at the sparkle in your eye.
'I am my beloveds, and she is mine', was my sigh.

A roller coaster of a day!

Topic(s) of this poem: emotions

Poet's Notes about The Poem

For my wife after an emotionally demanding day

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