Everyone Is Beautiful Poem by Anamika Jalan

Everyone Is Beautiful

I’ve lied to everyone I know,
I’ve kept it all inside,
My eating disorder doesn’t even show,
It’s became easier and easier to hide,

I wanna loose more weight,
But I just can’t do it the right way,
I wish I could just loose the weight,
And maybe as skinny as possible someday,

I don’t know what to do,
I’m gaining weight to much,
I don’t have anyone to talk to,
About my eating disorder and such

I know I need to let go,
But I’m just not ready to do so,
I’m known as the bulimic girl,
Who doesnt have a care in the world,

I’m only 16 years old,
Telling things that’ve never been told,
Fighting bulimia for now almost 5 years,
Talkin about it has almost got me in tears,

I know this isn’t the right way,
If I keep on I’m gonna die soon, one day,
It calms me down, and Takes away my pain,
Without it I’m nothing, I go insane,

I feel like I have no one,
Thinking to myself what have I done?
This eating disorder taking over me this very day,
Is pushing everyone close and all I have away,

I just can’t be without it,
I don’t recommend anyone try it,
I don’t want anyone to end up like me,
So obsessed and worried as can be,

Scales, calories, numbers, always FAT,
My life, only people like me worry about things like that,
Rumor has it it’s all in my mind,
Making it where when I look in the mirror I’m “blind.”

Everyone is BEAUTIFUL,
Don’t believe anything you don’t see,
God made us all different,
And thats ALL we’ll ever be

The bulimic girl.

Akhtar Jawad 20 October 2014

A sad and touching poem, ..................................

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Vishal Sharma 30 July 2013

nice commitment and pleasure reading keep penning

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