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Do you know the electrovalent and covalent bond?
they are a far different from the fictious james bond
they play a major role in providing the existance to the molecules
and simpily follow the basic rule of drawing the structures

I may not be a millionaire for the
rest of the world
but in my lover's eyes I am
worth more than that

I have a well managed three dimensional structure
that makes me one among the crowd of all of you
I sing before humanity and beg him to return my soul
and, in return I get a whole wide mouth of respect

within eyes
within lies

Packed in the wrapper
you do appear,
with some melted face
with my long gaze

You have only two, enough to take away my sleeps
and I being your instance, searching mearly here and there.
and you know how to hypnotize humans, a perfectionist
and thinking you my every bit, nights are spending it.

times had been spent
its now the time to say goodbye
to this holy place..
who has given me some identity

Not a day passes by, not thinking about you,
believing in my love, which I know is true.
Waiting for you, to come back,
with a lot of hopes, but no regrets, which I lack.

my heart doesnt have enough blood to drench my pains
cuz you pump out the largest plot i had for you
you didnt even think for a minute doing so
what would be my survival after you turn your back on

You make words and they immortal
you are trying to adjust this world in a bottle
and you are penning so beautifully days
i have a little words outnumbering your praise

the princess no matter how old
shines in silver, worth in gold
i am confident, as i am told
by those who came after her behold

Days are spending in the mighty arms of the fear
though, the matter is so grave, i must have to appear,
and, tell the world, taking a sip of tea, my intention,
the words i wrote, now in fire, in fire as i gave me tension.

We are well placed in the mighty arms
of the human spirits
To spell out the reason how to get the
universe explored

my eyes never sleep inside your dreams
no matter how hard i try to get inside them
you naughty smiles and heartful laughs
make me think for a while being so lucky

I am not educated
neither want to be
as, my knowledge lies in you
your talks, your smiles, and you


I went to a restaurent
with my some friends
to have a formal level brakefast

Lonly cries, ahhh, it pains
deep inside and inside

If a kiss were a raindrop, I'd send you showers.
If hugs were a second, I'd send you hours.
If smiles were water, I'd send you the sea.
If love was a person, I'd send you me.

god has declared my destiny
in my mother's womb
that i am coming down
only to write and write and write

you are the sweetest
of the folks
over here
and, I truely know it

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Chemical Bonding

Do you know the electrovalent and covalent bond?
they are a far different from the fictious james bond
they play a major role in providing the existance to the molecules
and simpily follow the basic rule of drawing the structures
they are deeply drawn into my soul of learning chemistry
the lewis structure and the octet rule are simple to follow
they give us the insight to peep through the world of chemicals
and we simpily denote them with clear cut diagrams
afterwards, there comes hybridisation and dipole moment
so beautifully written to grasp all the contents
we are familiar with the world of knowledge of liquid
and, thus the true science lies beyond the spiritual eyes,
make yourself a self trusting and be the lagend
and, henceforth, a greater way for learning science
has its door opened for the mighty brains.

Vishal Sharma Comments

Rajesh Thankappan 11 June 2013

Dear Vishal, Your poems are excellent in its range of ideas, its tone and presentation. I love them wholeheartedly. I also invite you to read my poems and post your comments.

7 1 Reply
Survi Sharma 02 July 2013

when i first read you, i didnt like your words, but your words are megnetic and pure a great poet from India spreading his happiness with us

5 2 Reply
The Moody Blue 30 June 2013

Brother! words are many but do you really think that few words can describe such a great talent of yours I don't think so.I just wanna say that keep on bleeding blue don't ever freeze it..You are the master of your fate and you are the captain of your soul.May you fly like a bird that's all i can say

6 1 Reply
Ambrosia A 18 June 2013

Oh Vishal, such a young talent. You are truly Vishal, your feelings, heart, soul, talent everything is as great as ocean, Vishal like Ocean.....Keep writing...

6 1 Reply
Pradip Chattopadhyay 11 June 2013

An amazing poet at a tender age. I love his daring poems, the spontaneity of his words.

5 1 Reply
Sanjukta Nag 31 October 2015

Love is your middle name, as your poems wonderfully portrays the heart of a passionate lover. At this young age you experience a lot, and you're using it brilliantly in your poems. Your words are filled with pure emotions, that made your poems nothing less than a deep river. Keep writing like this and enrich us with your stream of tender feelings.

2 0 Reply
Gauri Vyas 15 October 2015

you are INCREDIBLE...i have nothing else to say because i'm speechless

2 0 Reply
Yash Shinde 26 April 2014

Can't log out of PH, without appreciating you! One of the most talented poet here, Vizard's poems are inspired by the themes he sees with his eyes, and intrusiveness that let's him explore wisdom beyond what can be perceived externally............ A diamond in making, I wish him good luck!

6 0 Reply
Nassy Fesharaki 23 February 2014

I was sure of you being an inspiration. All the best

6 0 Reply
Unwritten Soul 09 July 2013

Here, The place i am now is already July,10th...your birthday Happy birthday my dear. And here is my wishes for you Dust in the sky fulfill universe dream When shine circulating in a motion And gravity in the core attracts Blending lines with light And star was born July 10th was a date Then shine brighter day by day Whenever it let the light line bending on night paper Calm feels absorbed, as if the poem you have written there Rising stars, rising time....come and get, get your gift Down to earth as Vishal Kumar Be a shining writer soon Let the star channeled form inside To craft poetry for human dream and life As you were when you in the universe With the center of attraction You can create magic here If you want Dear Vishal Kumar, our rising star in PH....keep your good work...and Happy all the best for future..n this age, you are at a good place to shoot of luck my dear friend_SOul

8 1 Reply

Vishal Sharma Quotes

Sometimes we think only about a figment of all the things happening to us and we see devil to the rest.

when someone asks me what I am going to do with my life, I simply laugh and tell I am doing right now.

look all around you, if you get what you want-never stop trying

life is an album of pain and misery.It's upto you how you see the pictures.

love has the melting point greater than osmium though it is as tender as butterfly wings...! !

If you can't be the the poem.

success is what we do in the darkness and what we dont in daytime.

Love is not that comes from experience; It is experience that comes from love.

Songs are sung fast but they are written slowely.

Worst is yet to come.

Love is like increasing geometric progression.Every term is better than the preceeding ones.

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Vishal Sharma Popularity

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