Everyone Loves The Summer? Poem by Bill Wright

Everyone Loves The Summer?

(With apologies to Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire')

Hot day, seaside town, party ‘til the sun goes down,
Rollercoaster, Ghost Train, Punch and Judy's on again,
Candy floss, ice cream, children think they're in a dream,
Pebble beach, waves crash, everybody loves to splash.
Music playing, bandstand, people listen on the sand,
Kites fly, cricket played, spare tyres on parade,
Aquapark, water slide, kiddies take a donkey ride,
Dad's found a beach bar, tells the youngsters 'don't go far'.

Going abroad, because it's hot, French Controllers call the shots,
On the ground, tempers fray, it's another three hour delay,
Whose idea, to go away, should have just stayed home today,
When you're there, funny food, tummy doesn't feel too good,
Camping fun? you must be mad, how could this turn out so bad,
Night-time loo, have to go, just another ten zips or so,
On return, here again, back to do another ten,
Look on the bright side, at least you know, only another six days to go.

Sun burn, sun cream, children on the trampoline,
Beach ball, volleyball, playing in the rock pool,
Caravan park, into sight, children squeal with all their might,
Car unpacked, set up home, everybody out to roam,
Restaurant, it's on site, nobody has to cook tonight,
Dad's in charge, barbecue pit, the boys are sent to get the chips,
Eat outside, this is fun, gazing at the setting sun,
Too early for bed, children whine, Dad just opens another wine.

Traffic jams, train delays, everybody in a daze,
In the car, children fret, 'are we nearly there yet',
Narrow road, caravans rule, should have gone to driving school,
Try to pass, not a hope, how on earth will poor Dad cope,
Mum stays quiet, counts to ten, looks like driver's lost again,
Should have gone another way, especially on Bank Holiday,
Grid lock, a big car park, let's head home before it's dark,
Never again, no more to roam, next time we will stay at home.

Brown grass, hosepipe ban, young girls working on their tan,
Melting tarmac, air displays, rejoicing in the longer days,
Festivals, school fetes, look how red Dad's poor nose gets,
Picnics eaten in the car, because we didn't get too far,
Summer's over, home again, looks like now it's going to rain,
Pics uploaded, memories stored, reminders of the heaving hordes,
Never mind, don't be sad, it really isn't all that bad,
Next year, come sun or rain, we can do it all again!

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: childhood ,holidays,nostalgia,summer
Most of these are true images of my childhood and those of my children. Hopefully they will ring a nostalgic bell with others too.
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