Everything Is Fiction Poem by Johnathan Stokes

Everything Is Fiction

Everything in which we subscribe…
Every last subscription
Things we take into our every-day living
All of our comforting belief systems,
All comforts; everything -
Everything is fiction.

Man-made religion
The heaven that awaits your admission
Where the pearly gates glisten
If only you dont fall for earthly desires
And give temptation your submission
It all plays a part, in the grand decision
Which brings forth into fruition
The constant repentance of the faith-filled christian,
Like the psychic's intuition
Full of tangled distorted visions,
Everything is fiction.

Man-made science, with its scientific positions -
Human inquiry's acquisitions...
"But I know nothing of fiction"
Says the formula-laden mathematician
Mathematics as his religion
Failed theories his crucifixion
X's and Y's, his man-made diction
Yes, everything is fiction.

The words of a fabled politician
The common man's voice in democracy, the utopia of communism,
From John Locke's liberalism to Karl Marx's uprising vision
To Churchill's witticisms
Reagan's trickle-down econimic system
No matter your affiliation, no matter your label or description
Everything is fiction.

Do fictitious characters know the nature
Of their plot as it's being written?
And if I were to say these things out-loud
I know very few would really listen,
Others would take the offensive
And say, "These statements are the real fiction! "
Lost in their perpetual convictions…
"Fiction! ", I'll say, "Fiction…
Yes, but tell me now, what isn't? "

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