Johnathan Stokes Poems

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Love Or Love's Archetype

How to love, my love
which way do you prefer?
Love as a feeling
or love as a word?

Death Of A Loved One, Fiction.

She knew her King James by heart,
the psalms, the proverbial wisdoms,
passed about through their many
translations, now bouncing around

Unpoeticised Love

She says she wishes
her boyfriend
was poetical in his words
so he would say things from time to time to her like,

Yes Lord

If I were God
yes, I'd create silly apes,
yes, I'd create multiple religions
and let them war over which is correct,

Mirror Of Love

Life presents itself, in all of its grandeur situations
Both extravagantly compelling and tirelessly disheartening
So naturally, along you came, seeming of the unnatural,
Revealing heaven to a skeptic, enchanting thoughts, (there must be something greater)

How To Be Pardoned From Eternity

There is a place
neither hell nor heaven
where God sends those
who have dared to create, better than he:

Everything Is Fiction

Everything in which we subscribe…
Every last subscription
Things we take into our every-day living
All of our comforting belief systems,

Or Was That I?

There she stood, a beautiful dream
Bringing to life a dull day's scene,

Or was that I,

String Between Cups

It was those strings between those cups
Carrying conversations no satellite could pick up
It was that easy laid-back living'
Undisturbed by the bad news on the television

Everything's To Your Choosing

Love is wise
old and eternal.
It does not flinch
or consider a disappearance

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