String Between Cups Poem by Johnathan Stokes

String Between Cups

Rating: 5.0

It was those strings between those cups
Carrying conversations no satellite could pick up
It was that easy laid-back living'
Undisturbed by the bad news on the television
It was those simple words of love, passed through the strings between us
Undisturbed by society's lust for a pleasure that seems to be all touch

Yes, it's those undisturbed words
We had both previously heard
Before… But once more…
We knew we had never really felt
But what we had was enough, there was no need to bluff
We both played well with the cards we were dealt

Those strings between those cups
Reverberated from the talks between us
The ones that I like to recall most
And we never had fancy things or long strings
So we always stayed close
For undisturbed conversation, About the steps we had taken

And it was those undisturbed words
We had both previously heard
But we never really felt were real
Because touch was a word associated with feel
Until true passion had made us whole
Now feel is a word associated with soul

Some things aren't always as they seem to be
And we never had any magazines to see
How we should make love or how we should dress
That's advice on this life that never left us impressed
And those strings between those cups carried conversation best
Carrying in them all the words we had once heard before
But between us those words seemed to mean so much more

Caroline Bulleck 19 November 2012

This poem is so meaningful and beautiful. Job well done. I give it a rating of 10.

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