Jared Vallejo

Exhausted - Poem by Jared Vallejo

Again... Gave my heart away and got none back
Once More... Empty promises cure the mistakes
Repeatedly... I tend to believe them
One More time... Excuses instead of reasons

One More time... Somehow unreachable
Repeatedly... The Same scenery
Once More... I fell for the enemy
Again... To Many things in my way to happiness

The road got cold with no change of weather in sight.

I don't know how many times I've found myself laying in the blue grass, under the gray night, holding my legs and knees against my chest, under the pouring rain, with brown sad open eyes looking straight to nowhere, when I'm already in there, when I'm already in nowhere.

Where to run, If all the places end up being the same.
Where to run, If you find yourself completely lost.
Where to run, If it feels like there is now way out.
How to run, If You are losing your will to keep going.
How to run, If running it means to keep the pain inside.
How to run, If you are exhausted and have no possibility of getting a rest.
Why to go on, If going on it means to keep hurting yourself.
Why to go on, If every step you give takes you only to the beginning
Why to go on, If your are going alone.

I don't know what is the point in talking, If there's no one listening, It seems like our sounds get consumed in our lips because they never reach your ears. why to talk, if my words get instantaneously forgotten... Or is it your empty promises the one you forget?

I may fail in being patient
But you fail in giving me reason to be one
I may fail in believing all your words
But you fail in breaking all of them
I may fail when I cant see a future in Us
But you fail when you destroy the current present
I may fail when I get mad when I don't hear from you
But you fail when you don't understand that it is only because I miss you so much.

I don't know when colors abandoned my world but I know that you are not helping my to get them back, it feels like you are not even trying... I don't know why this curse gets so cling on to me: when always the guy with the sweeter words sweeten my heart but suddenly he breaks it to shatter with his lack of fulfillment.... I don't know why always it happens the same but i know its getting easier to take the blame. Perhaps I am the one to blame but I don't want that anymore.... my heart is exhausted, it doesn't beat with the same strength that it poor used to, my heart is begging me to stop the pain, I'm begging you to stop the pain... Im Sorry for not being a little more Patient but this heavy burden I cant stand anymore.
How Can I blind trust you? If I can see your lack of commitment on you
You say I've been driving you crazy and its keeping you away, So just give me one good reason Tell me why I should stay, Because I don't wanna waste another moment in saying things we never meant to say

Can you give me a reason to go on?
Can you give me real fulfilled promises?
Can you be my boyfriend?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poem Edited: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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