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Existing Reflections - Poem by jodde taylor

Should I frame you,
as you have framed me;
Faraway from anywhere I exist.
Always agreeable, but never comprehensive
you just keep taking, parts of a certain look.

Assembling my structure,
did you think to ask?
Anything true?
By your perception
do you think I'll last.

Did you ever let me ask?

Of my own intentions,
while you paraded, with a mask;
Misguided foolish person
go live among the stars.

When you look away,
is the mirror, not so far.
You cannot retain yourself,
looking into the glass.
Only to find, you want to be someone else.

Don't look at me, as an excuse,
to jump and fly with glee;
You do realize?
I am just a person...nothing more
than a speck of time.

I have seen your fate,
the one who drowns, deep beneath a fake gold crown'
rounded with pieces of others lives
the ones you chose to parasite.

The veins, which stretch and crawl,
the falling down of the old brick wall;
I see you clearer, than a day of sun
waiting between one persons ending,
and another persons beginning.

There in the light,
where you pretend, not to hide
and tell yourself your brave!
You've provided yourself with an alibi
to believe your existence is not a lie...

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, February 28, 2013

Poem Edited: Friday, March 1, 2013

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