Peeyush Yadav

Expressions Of Love - Poem by Peeyush Yadav

The girl with an impeccable smile,
Stared at her diary for a while.
The chimes orchestrated with the evening air,
Holding the parker she started with a flair.
"My mom said love is a poison,
It can dilute the otherwise clear horizon.
It can scorch like the heat of the sun,
And will give excruciating pain when everything's done.
But as my eyelids come for a kiss,
A landslide in my heart I couldn't miss.
For his luminous face come swimming,
In the dark ocean that's brimming.
His blissful smile making me it's slave,
I find myself standing in his heart's cave.
O Gracious Lord! What's happening to me,
Walking myself down the aisle for him I could see.
It was just a moment's gaze,
And my heart got stuck in his maze.
Wanting to sink in the bottomless pool of his heart,
I will do anything to become his most important part.
I am wearing my heart inside out,
If I knew his name
Over and over I could shout.
O dear diary! I want to see him again,
I don't want my first love to go in vain.
But the envious sleep is hanging on my delicate eyelashes,
I hope to find him in the sea of my dreams,
Making splashes.
Please refrain the sun from killing the mighty moon,
Good night my friend, we'll be meeting soon."

"O ethereal moon,
It is you to whom I speak,
It is my beloved that my forlorn soul seek.
For she is the elixir to my pumping heart,
Had she not been there,
I would have broken into parts.
Her unflappable smile stole the soul from the sun,
Reflection in her eyes kicked the trigger of Cupid's gun.
I sank under the heavy burden of love,
And came back to life when rescued by the dove.
My love for her is an undying flame,
My enslaved heart is for her to claim.
I would dir a martyr to her love,
As silently as a gentle sleeping dove.
O dear saint! O harmonious moon!
Look after her and make her dance to your tune,
With my love I'll be meeting soon."
A slight smile played gently across the boy's lips,
His thoughts went on the ever-cruising ships.
Sitting under the moonlight at the border,
He was handcuffed by his heart's order.
He imagined his love with her wedding band,
As the lantern-like jugnu sat on his hand.

The nurse obliged by the girl's polite request,
Threw aside the curtains, revealing the moon at its best.
The light of the waxing crescent fell on her pale face,
The triumphant time had strangled her in the race.
She wanted to stretch her lips, but it hurted,
Looking at the sky
A broken thread of words she blurted.
"I speak not much, just a mere prayer,
Look after him like your own player.
Take my heart back and gift it to him,
Under your appealing moonlight that is dim.'
Her last words escaped her mouth,
And the nurse took her down the hallway to south.

"Hold my hands
Glide with me through the air,
Let the palpable breeze
Synchronize the waves of your hair."
The boy was leading the girl,
Who, like an obedient child, followed him with a swirl.
The rustling of dry leaves,
The music of the nearby stream,
Make the cyclone of the girl's mind escape its dream.
For the sweet reality was breathing in front of her,
While the sun's rays accentuated the beauty of his fur.
The boisterous waterfall creating a soothing hymn,
Filled the pot of desire up to the brim.
The water eloquently travelled down her face,
With the thwack, her heart went out for a race.
For the boy was behind her, breathing heavily,
Her auburn hair dangling on his face freely.
Tiny beads of water fell like pearl,
The boy stood motionless facing the girl.
Talk had expire between them,
Stillness broken occasionally by wind or swaying of stem.
The boy's lips touched the girl's crimson red,
With that, having got wings, her shyness fled.
It fabricated a crystal of dreamlike trance,
On their sedate bodies romance started to advance.
The boy lifted the girl ardently,
And took her to the grassland felicitously.
Being tempted by her enchanting eyes,
The boy laid on her, strengthening their ties.
Both intoxicated by a ravenous desire,
Made love beside the bonfire.
The girl said, hiding her sapphire eyes with the lid,
"No one has touched my virgin soul the way you did."

When the sun was still faintly opalescent,
The boy was waiting for the girl at The Crescent.
The big hall looking its best,
Decorated with roses, lilies, tulips and the rest.
The sound of piano cascading in the air,
Elated people sitting on their chair.
His impatient eyes fixed on the main door,
As the buoyancy of the moment started to galore.
Smile appeared on his lips with great verve,
As the girl entered, revealing her curve.
Dressed in a white satin off-shoulder gown,
With her dad beside her, she stepped down.
Her twinkling eyes enhancing the luminous face,
Curly hair covered with white lace.
With her fragile legs she walked down the aisle,
Holding the bouquet she gave him a sublime smile.
The boy frozen by her exceptional beauty,
Looked through his gentle eyes coyly.
Everyone greeted the girl deliriously,
And as she passed them watched her mutely.
The girl stopped in front of the boy,
Who was as happy as a child getting a new toy.
With the priest's words they exchanged the rings,
And it lighted the girl's face's linings.
The rose petals glided from the above,
As they took vows to their endless love.
With the gentle whisper of "I do, "
They were married,
In front of holy Jesus' statue.
Opening his arms for his princess,
He validated his love with a kiss.

"Death doesn't put an end to love,
It will still provide warmth like a winter's glove."
The words echoed in the woman's ears,
And her turquoise eyes got adorned with gleaming tears.
Her translucent skin as pale as ever,
Loneliness is attached to her existence for ever.
Standing in the cemetery door with red roses in hand,
Her finger still having the platinum wedding band.
Dressed in a black overcoat, silver hair falling on her left eye,
She sat near the tomb with a sigh.
The cold wind gushing past her face,
She put the red roses with an angelic grace.
"I was mortal till you gave me your immortal kiss,
With sparrows chirping it was a scene so bliss.
So why did you leave me alone in this beautiful journey!
It's not easy to wake everyday without someone by your side,
But I'm trying my best to open myself wide.
At times I feel as if I'm standing at the precipice,
But your assuring smile is what I miss.
I will come back tomorrow with my love,
Till then sleep gently like a dove."
She sat there for a little more,
Before tracing her way back home at the shore.

"We don't have a future together, "
Said the boy, without adding any further.
They were sitting at the beach,
The magical world beyond, out of their reach.
Sunset made great splashes of fiery opalescence across the sky,
The girl's heart set itself to a vociferous cry.
Thwack, went her heart,
She wanted to amputate that diseased part.
Sensing her rolling emotions, the boy touched her hand,
Their love had sifted through like the sand.
The gloomy moment never left them free,
They went on an emotional spree.
Collecting the kaput spirit inside his bone,
The boy whispered in sepulchral tone.
"Our love is like trying to catch the smoke,
You end up with your expectations broke;
It's like a new moon which seems to be bright,
Like walking in vacuum without ant sight.
It is a kind of sleep which keeps a man awake,
If it's taken forward, everything's at stake.
It is a shadow, never a part of our self,
Like someone in reality possessing an elf."
Tears propelled by the words fell from the girl's eyes,
With him she could no longer touch the distant skies.
Ears pierced by the words of his love song,
Sinking like a stone, she went on a journey that was long.
Tears were in her eyes for a reason,
For she knew that her love in an illusion.

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