Peeyush Yadav

This Time Around - Poem by Peeyush Yadav

' had an amazing time with you,
hope we can, again, catch-up some day new, '
said the lady in black,
with her eyes sparkling with satisfaction,
and her heart wanting more of the action.
coming out of the hotel taj
was the boy named raj.
light-green eyes, fair skin, brownish hair,
anyone could be stupefied by his flair.
he stood outside in his meat,
with the cruel sun showering its heat.
suddenly, there was a loud sound,
dark fumes emerged from the grounds.
whole of the vicinity engulfed by dark,
everywhere he could hear people's bark.
few faces laid in the pool of blood,
soon there was a 'dead-body's' flood.
without a shred of warning,
terrorists continued their 'act of shining'.
sabotaging the entire scenery,
they were making their moves gingerly.
raj found it all atrocious,
and a little more venomous.
he tried to find a light,
but his eyes caught another sight.
he saw a girl lying in the pool of blood
with a few cuts on her head.
fountain of her eyes being prodigious,
within a moment she fell unconscious.
making his way through the dead,
he reached her and tied a cloth around her head.
lifting her from the corpse department,
he took her to his apartment.
making, for her, some space,
he washed her face.
clear skin, hazel eyes,
her face as naive as a child's smile.
scarlet lips perfectly carved,
a spot in his heart it has marked.
carefully aiding her notches,
there remained a few patches.
his face lit with a lopsided smile,
he forgot everything for a while.
the radiance of her face captivating,
he wanted the moment to be ever-lasting.
within an hour she woke up,
with a tinge of startled make-up.
his lips smiled coyly,
and he greeted her ecstatically.
she reflected him a smile so dim,
but her iridescent body hallucinated him.
her ambience so hard to ignore,
it left him wanting for more.
she thanked him for all the hardships,
and in return
accepted his hand in friendship.
'I'm riya, please to meet you,
now-w-days people like you
are very few.'
he expected her to stay,
but she mumbled goodbye and left,
taking his breath away.
he was a prisoner of her refined beauty,
it made him forget his own duty.
he thought about her from dusk till dawn,
imagining them together, awn and awn.
the time elapsed with a tick of time,
and their friendship grew like a pine.
the passage of time made their bond stronger,
their understanding for each other deeper.
their laughter more rich, happiness more profound,
a friendship devoid of illusion, nowhere to be found.
filled with the mystery of undeniable attraction,
raj decided to further their relation.
they scheduled their meeting,
and decided to talk while eating.
raj booked a table for two,
at a restaurant that was new.
waiting for her in his black tuxedo,
he wanted the waiting to go.
he saw her coming,
along the roses blooming.
how angelic she appeared
in her light blue dress,
even the fairies smeared.
no make-up, except a touch of lipstick,
she gave him a smile that was so realistic.
raj's heart was thumping badly,
he pulled out the chairs nervously.
he started casually,
noticing every action of her minutely.
an hour or so passed,
still, raj couldn't make out how to ask.
without giving further thought,
he said, ' I Love You'.
riya looked him for a bit,
and with a cute smiled asked, ' that's it? '
he understood her playful smile,
and searched his head for a while.
he stood from his chair and came beside her,
bent his knees and took out a flower.
'the first time i saw you, you were covered in blood,
and thus started my feeling's flood.
invisible thread of love attracted me towards you,
and your impeccable sweetness made everything look new.
i melt every time you look at me,
and the gamut of feelings doesn't let me be me.
you are my road as well as my direction,
and my shore as well as my ocean.
if a flower climbs upto your lips to seek mine,
don't worry babes, everything is fine.
extinguish the fire inside my heart,
by becoming its essential part.
my love feeds on your love,
i need you as my angelic dove.
accept my love and it shall always be yours,
dance with me on the celestial floors.
her face veiled by shyness,
all she could do was confess.
she cried 'I love you, too' so loud,
that everyone present there had a laugh.
he kissed her hand filled with heat,
it made her heart lose its beat.
they danced to the slow melody,
dreaming in each other's arms already.
the crystal moon above them
sprinkled its heavenly light on them.
cool breeze flowed rhythimcally,
adding to the romance profusely.
finally, riya was in raj's life,
he wanted to make her his wife.
she made his life complete,
he didn't want anyone else to meet.
she was air for his flute,
and the voice for his mute.
she was the apple of his eyes,
so innocent, free from worldly lies.
she washed away all his tears,
and helped him overcome his fears.
she was his extension,
and a breath of fresh air in suffocation.
everything between them was going great,
except that one day
which gave their relationship a break.
riya took raj to meet her friend,
he couldn't reject as she was his girl friend.
something stopped him a little far,
when he saw her friend in the bar.
she was the same lady in the black,
who knew all about his track.
she was flabbergasted to see him with her,
she could not stop herself
and told riya about his work-
'he's a male prostitute,
his image has no other substitute'.
riya could not believe her ears,
she asked raj, generating tears.
raj stared at the ground,
he could not beat her friend in this round.
his bitter truth came out in the open,
now, nothing else between them could happen.
riya walked out breaking all the ties,
he was left there, lamenting for his lies.
reality slapped him in the face,
he wanted to run away from that place.
with every dropp of water emerging from his glaciers,
he remembered what his friend had said
about people like them-
'the flowers made of paper
never carry there own odour'.
he was left all alone,
cursing his fucked-up destiny for long.

one and half years went,
but, the pain was still extravagant.
with the wounds had gone the memories of trash,
but raj's love for riya was still afresh.
his love has grown more with the time,
but, riya's condition was not fine.
she had turned into a living stone,
not forgetting the time bygone.
love was elixir for their lives,
still they had a lot of vibes.
maybe they were meant for each other,
that's why god crossed their paths,
so that they could be together.
when they met riya was aghast,
for standing before her was long lost past.
she still had that eternal bliss,
but, raj found something amiss.
her eyes were burning with pain,
they both went down the memory lane.
' i own this restaurant', was all he could say,
as riya looked him with dismay.
he wanted to give vent to his feelings,
but, didn't know how to do the healings.
she showed him a cold shoulder,
without even waiting for a little longer.
raj stood there transfixed
mesmerizing their beautiful past,
all the love and all the feelings
had vanished so fast.
he wanted riya badly,
to walk the paths of life smoothly.
he wanted to be her shadow,
to walk beside her in high and low.
riya was fighting with the same thought,
so she decided it through a vote.
her friends encouraged her to give him a chance,
and if everything goes fine
they could have their last dance.
being bundle of nerves, standing in a mall,
she gave raj a call.
she asked him to come to the Marine Drive,
and waited for him, without losing her pride.
raj came within ten minutes of the call,
as once again he didn't want to make a fall.
they stood there in silence,
looking at the reason of their existence.
riya's shinig pink lips parted,
with a heavy heart she started-
'without you i had fallen apart,
and the excruciating past did never depart.
my wobbly heart searched for a hand,
on my dilapidated legs i could not stand.
your memories held my hands all these years,
from the glass of my soul it wiped all my fears.
in my mind your every word played there own tune,
now my heart surrenders like the sun to the moon'.
tears carved their paths out of her eyes.
raj hold her in his arms,
washing off her tears with his palm.
waves of the ocean danced to the song of love,
as rain started falling off the tub.
the odour of love was in the breeze,
and they wanted the time to freeze.
standing at the Marine Drive with his MISS,
he finally sealed the moment with a KISS.......

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