Julie Park

Rookie (09-07-69 / Akron, Ohio)

Eye Of My Storm - Poem by Julie Park

In the eye of my storm
Where all of the doctors, they lay
They look down into my clouds
They test and medicate my brain

In the eye of my storm
Doctors avoid all of the rain
As I pour down all around them
As they diagnose me, insane

Insanity by definition
Is really quite small
We really know almost nothing
about the mind; there's no cure-all

Not in the eye of my storm
As I am rain; down, down, down,
Dr.'s cannot feel the pain fall
As I both smile and I also frown
I believe that I am the rainbow
I believe that I am the clouds
I believe that I am the moonlight
I believe am; don't ask me how

The doctors say that I'm mad
Deadly sad and overly happy
But I live inside of the mirror, I say
On the quiet side of the vanity

I know for sure that I am the rain
I know what water feels like falling
I have been falling for the longest time
the tear drops of the sky are calling

But it's me whom lives with this day and night
It is me whom has died from this, too.
It's not easy knowing, hearing, seeing so much
Or believing that a hallucination isn't the truth

A perfect example of an 'incident'
One that even left me shocked and was bad
Was when I thought I would be sacrificed
For every abortion and miscarriage ever had

I thought that I was going to be burned for this
So, I cut off and shaved bald my long hair
My watch fell off and time, it did stop
I lived to feel even more fear and despair

I thought that King Tut was my dad
I told the Police that I was from Egypt
Doctor’s do not know my secret truth
I just remember tiny pieces and bits

I am the Mother of the Sky
Or at least I thought that I was
5150 in the hospital for 3 days
I told them to contact Obama

So, how does one disagree with me
When I know it’s the absolute truth
I hear and see things that other's should see
And when I cry, I really do cry for you

I don’t want your sympathy or a greeting card
I don’t need you to send me pretty flowers
I just need you to believe in what I say and I see
I need your confirmation in my super powers

I’ve sent the ocean back to the sand
When, once, water took over the World
I was the only person left standing, for awhile
As the waves around me and life swirled

I’ve been Jesus, the Holy Spirit and also God
I’ve been Mother Mary and, the first light
I believe that I’ve been killed every day for living
I don’t believe that we were born to die

I rewrote the infamous Good Book, I did
It's best when read between the lines
We live in the last period of peril and crisis
We truly are nearing the end of time

It’s all about gravity and anti gravity
Oscillations and colored orbs
It’s about Lucifer and Thoth and Edgar Allen Poe
It’s about the energy we each can absorb

The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit
The scale: Doe, Ra, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Da
In the eye of my storm, you think you’re safe from the rain
Today I’m not the Alpha, Today I am the Omega

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