Eye To Eye

You are not dating!
You never go out of my mind!
You make me dizzy
My head...
I'm so disgusted now that
It makes me sick
For example, those patience!
But what should they do
What can they say?
My anger is at this;
If you can't cure, what are you talking about?
If you're giving, if the other person can't get
What do you keep struggling for?
What she wants from you is just keep quiet
They want neither trouble nor remedy
Just be quiet, that's it.

But you
O haunting me!
Don't be silent, don't be quiet
This silence of yours was a problem for me
This dullness, you don't move
Your eyes are lost in search of truth
He's gone too far, like he can't return
These hands of your arms are like dead
If I let go, your legs will fall
Your hands, your arms.
I hold you inside
Inside me, standing and straight
But your neck is bent
I can't hold back anymore
Turn around wherever you are
I haven't stayed on my knees
There is no strength left in my brain to resist
Tombs have opened their lids
Waiting for us to fall to the ground!
If you don't come a little more
We will both fall.

What happened to you beautiful girl?
What happened to you, with your eyes wide open?
What happened to you also happened to me
I am standing for you
I live for you
To keep you up.
I understand that you won't come
You will always be unconscious in my arms like this
Your eyes are open and unconscious
I know we're about to fall to the ground
Even though it makes no sense anymore
Even though I know you can't hug
I will hold you tight, tight
Maybe you will feel the love in me
When I cross the universe and come next to you
We will die eye to eye
Eye to eye...

Should I say to Oman
To dawn
To the Sahara
Wherever your eyes dive
My eyes will leave this life and come there
If we're going to die dear
Eye to eye
Eye to eye!

Pattern that; go, go I'm dead
You don't mind me!
I say how can I go?
If you are not here, what am I with this world!

And I'll sing that song to you;

"The sea bubbles up
Ahhh my love rinanay rinanay nay
It will take me if I get on the boat
Ahhh dar ahhh

My coming to this world
Ahhh my love rinanay rinanay nay
Because of a beauty
Ahhh my dear ahh... "

Then it piles up slowly
We fall to the grave
I sing the continuation of the song on my last breath,

"I'm going from this world too
Oh my dear oh
Because of a beauty... "

Then we sleep in the eye
Forever in our eternal bed...

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Form: Prose Poem

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