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Facedown (Had Enough) - Poem by Rhiannon blackbird

In a day,
One can say,
Words enough to take your breath away,
And turn your heart to a disarray,

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never hurt,
This be not true but rather far off,
For these words they say quite curt,

Adhesive they stick,
Like thorns they prick,
Doing damage incomparable to stones,
The clocks of sanity tick tick tick,

Till your time has all run out,
They see your lies,
Can you hear there cries? ,
With agony to painful to shout,

You spit out a phrase,
Thinking it'd not but daze,
Criticizing all that I've ever been about,
Everything you despise,

Will you just look into my eyes? ,
Obviously I'm not standing as stout,
No longer am I alive,
When finally you turn your head,
But alas, Its to late, I am already dead.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I haven't been on much but I wrote this poem on 1/28/1, its really kinda dark, and a little depressing but it comes from somewhere kinda deep within my heart, I'm kinda sorry to say but, some of you may actually be able to relate. if you ever need help, a friend, or just someone to talk to who promises wont judge you... I'm always happy to help or talk or listen. I hope you like this poem and I look forward to seeing what you thought. I should be checking my messages soon. thanks :) oh P.s. The name is inspired by the song Face Down by the jump suite apparatus, which this poem sort of reminds me of.

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