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Rhiannon blackbird Poems

1. Nobody. 3/25/2011
2. The Rising Of The Moon. 3/27/2011
3. The Law Of Alchemy 5/27/2011
4. Nightmare Scarred Nights 10/21/2012
5. Let Reality Be Shunned 10/21/2012
6. From Blue To Green 2/12/2013
7. When I Was A Princess 12/11/2013
8. The Girl Who Wants You To See 12/27/2013
9. White 2/24/2014
10. The Bird 2/24/2014
11. Facedown (Had Enough) 2/24/2014
12. Till Death Doth Love Part 6/7/2013
13. Departure 6/25/2013
14. Shiver Poem 7/3/2014
15. My Spot Of Nature. 2/12/2013
16. Love Or Hate? 2/7/2012
17. Lunaris Oceanus Part,1 10/21/2012
18. Pain Without Love 3/27/2011
19. Frozen 3/23/2011
20. It's Not It If It Really Isn'T. 4/3/2011
21. Lunaris Oceanus Part,2 10/21/2012
22. Love 3/24/2011
23. Rhiannon 5/13/2013
24. I Hate Guns/War 4/20/2011
25. Dreams 3/24/2011
26. A Poem For Charlie 7/3/2014

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A Poem For Charlie

Never let me go,
Let me be your baby,
And don't stop loving me so,

Always hold me tight,
Let me be your princess,
Forever making it right,

When life begins to fall,
Let me be your angel,
Helping you stand tall,

If clouds begin to gray,
Let me be your bright eyes,
Leading you a lighter way,

The times you feel alone,
Let me be your girl,
Because your never on your own.

Though we may seem an ocean apart,
And a world away,
No one but you could brighten my day,

Lately it seems,
That hopes been a miss,...

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Frozen as the moon, frozen as my soul,
Frozen as i remember me once being whole,
Frozen as i stare straight at the night sky in amazement,
I cry for i remember one day i must die,
I welcome death i do not fear it,
Though when i die i shall die in battle,
A battle far more great than any being could imagine,
Frozen as the moon frozen as my soul, frozen in the moon lit sky not knowing why.

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