Zack Hess

Faces - Poem by Zack Hess

have you ever flet like you were the only one in the room before?

well i have.

im sure it happens to everyone at some point in time.

we all have that time when we feel left out and thrown away.

its pretty simple, you just go along with it and forget it ever happen.

end of story.


but then you come to think. did i realy just make the biggest mistake in my life?

i think so.

to go out with my two friends iv only known for five months or so.

it just doesnt work out.

so one gloomy day in the middle of december 1984,
i told.
it was the best thing to do.

the best way to get out, is to tell it out loud.

i dont like hiding things from people. especially the ones you care about.

so i said..
'hey, you guys..

im sorry but, i cant keep hanging out with both of you anymore.

i just feel left out when were all together.

i just feel like i dont fit in'

so from that day on,

its never been the same and honestly prolly never will be again.

it seems like just yesterday we were all sitting in your room hanging out like we use to.

friends always come and go,

thats never gunna change.

but remember,

friends mean forever.

that means ill always have a spot for you in my heart.

i wish...
i wish things were back the way they were when we frist met.

i miss it.

but nothing can change us now. we all took are seprate paths.

it seems theres a fog on my eyes and it just keeps coming back..

everything such a blur.

one day, youll just be another face in the crowd or, youll just vanish into thin air or, there wont be another or.

im sure youd love to here more about this insanely, mad story. but,

the truth is..

im done.

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