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Fact Is Im In Love - Poem by Louis Borgo

If the path for heaven sit, a pond a river dangle and panic and lost all connection would you reach for the Stars?
Instantly instinct passing of time would we have a whole or have a whole piece to start,
Time tick I wait wait wait to evolve then what is a breaking point that’s would be the start where I
Would evolve just thoughts of heaven sent
Heat it as passion to be to have to continually fall fall fall in love would you wait wait wait forever or
Would you ever let love pass you by?
Haste is not the paste taste would it replace this pain I wake to despises sound it out if you think this it’s
A truth lie! ! !
Perhaps I am a hopeless romance give it time to engage you would like to know my pain love no worries
I take and uplift your voice simply think lets restart the conversation.
Envy is of hope taking time to make time for today every day patience is that of the answer
Don’t give up Don’t give up
Maybe the reason of attraction is guilty, pain, and lost but at the end of the day I’m saying
Let me hold You
Don’t give up don’t give up
Every heartbreak may feel like a heart attack but I’m here to tell you I’m the recover let me amplify you
Don’t give up don’t give up
Any and every syllable that is said I can convert it back to a smile now how silly is that is that a laugh out
Loud simply a note
I wonder where this acronym develop from take a tear from my page and
Less see
If you can finish Time Signature
Perhaps a man you will be or man you have to beat give me moment to
Recover from my wounds
And I said to you I will never lost! ! !
Could you perhaps understand my hunger I hunger for more! ! !
As I was raise and told never to fear but only thing I fear is loving you! ! !
Don’t give up don’t give up
Hi Im Shy forever more may you know this page and mark it as read! ! !
Haste is not the paste taste would it replace this pain I wake to despises sound it out if you think this is a
True lie just thinking out loud! ! !
Hurt is not the beginning then one may ask where did it start the start is when I lay eyes on you
“Eyes Of A Angel”
And it hit me like wave after waves
That True love just pass me by Time take place I think to myself let me be your halo
Night, prayers, days to reflect wondering at night did I make you smile or
Perhaps do you ponder it about day to day did I hit a spark? Did we make a connection?
Or did we found love?
Or perhaps do we just wake wake wake to understand our love I would never take it for grate
It by all means why take my word as love as lost all meaning but what I hold is
Something to start to believe in do you feel this intention let’s keep it between you and I
Come inside my love.
Haste is not the paste taste would it replace this pain I wake to despises sound
It out if you think this is a truth lie just thinking out loud! ! !
Just thoughts of a page I share as I wake
I’m Pass Fatigue I’m Pass my Last Breath if scarce was beneath the wind I Care 4 U
They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I say why is it just now most see what I seen
Of you my whole life I wonder if they know when they see a catch, if you fail to miss a step would they
Care to catch.
My fair sweet lady and say to the carrier can you deliver a message to my fair lady
I just want it to say
When you grace the earth I swear I seen a angel
I’m in love with love with the idea of being in love
Who is to judge me may it be of love.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Form: Ars Poetica

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