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Louis A. Borgo III: ou can found me on TWITTER. I was a member of Academy Of Poets (2011-2016) . Wrote six best sellers of novels of poetry. I have close to around 350 poems. My Poetry focus around Communication as a over all theme for poetry also when speaking on the topic love. Love has several definition elements as well as dimension of the topic. Research it to the fullest to understand the concepts of my poems. Also I have wrote close to 31 more or less Quotes.

When all said Video Games is my passion.
Truth Be Told Truth To Be Known Hold True.
Holy06 " Next Level Gamer" .

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06 July 2015

Im in love with love with the idea of being in love who is to judge me may it be of love

06 July 2015

And if I falling may I fall in your arms cause home is where ever UR

06 July 2015

Many battles have been won without a sword being drawn the Significant of writing.

06 July 2015

To insult my intelligence is to insult your intrigue why most you feel so inferior.

06 July 2015

Nothing like a good hard working woman you put in effort where effort is seen.

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Ovi Odiete 29 June 2016

Great Poet I'd love us to connect.... You are phenomenal

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The Best Poem Of Louis Borgo

Water Falls

'I need it cold' (how cold) , so cold that i can't feel my neck caps! ! ! ,
I need it so cold i forget this touch of a feeling.
Like the tracks of a huskie sparkling of crystal, clear so clear of a mountain i need it cold! ! ! ,
Like hand of a shuttle, settle free, empty barrels, like the softest place on earth.... of dropp of rain on the back of the porch....
'Honey Im Home'
'I need it cold'
But how cold is cold...

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Louis Borgo Popularity

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