Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Faith - Poem by Justin Reamer

People always wonder whether God exists,
Whether or not He is really out there,
And if He loves us,
And if He is watching over us;
And, yes, believing in that without any
Explanation can be very difficult for some people,
But it's seeing the things that people can do
That help the world that can help all the while.

I have not had the best life,
And yet, I see God in everything,
And I believe He is there,
Looking out for me,
For He has done so much for me,
More than what I can count,
But yes, with many memorable actions.

They all seemed like miracles,
The things that came to me,
All the things that came and went,
And all the things that seemed impossible.

For my life was not great,
And I looked for some truth,
But I thought I could find none,
And yes, I was depressed.

My father left when I was little,
And it made me very sad,
And life, I thought, could get worse,
No matter what happened.

I was picked on a lot throughout my childhood,
And, my life got so terrible,
That I tried to commit suicide,
And I could have died then.

However, an angel came down to me,
And saved me from imminent death,
For he told me I had a lot to live for,
And life would get better from there.

And life did get better from there,
For I was saved from depression,
And I was making many good friends,
And I had people to share my life with,
And finally found happiness.

God saved me from death,
And depression,
And eternal sadness.
He had been watching out for me,
No matter what.

I also see Him in every good deed,
Since there are good people out there,
It is as if He works through them,
And I see things that seem like magic.

I see Him in people when they
Help people off the ground,
Give someone his or her lost item,
Help a child who is lost,
Counsel people who need counselling,
Listen to their friends,
Help people in whatever way is necessary,
Help people with tasks when it's not required of them,
And many other things.

God is out there,
And He loves all of us.
The things He has done for me
Has inspired my faith,
And, yes, I am glad for the things He
Has done for me,
But all it requires is having
A little faith

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is how I feel about my faith. I just wanted to let my emotions out through this poem. To me, it is kind of special. It may not be to you, but I feel truly happy when I read this. I was inspired when I wrote it, and it helps me when I read it.

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