Luke Gray

Falling Out Of Love - Poem by Luke Gray

Falling Out of Love
The warm luscious feeling,
Seeing the light.
The warmth,
The comfort,
Reaching for it is all I think of.
The way she moves,
The way her smile shines through my soul,
The way her eyes gloss when she daydreams.
Her image,
Her laughter,
Her flaws,
Her beauty,
Drags me to her.
Gladly skidding across the floor for her,
Everything for her,
For her,
… …
But with a slight shove,
She pushes me away,
The way she looks at me,
The way she never talks to me,
The way I fall apart.
Disgust from her,
Directed to me,
Forced smile from her,
Directed to me.
Pretended emotions from her,
Directed to me
My heart explodes,
Million pieces fixes back in odd angles,
My mind rots,
Full of hopelessness,
Remembering brought me searing pain,
The pain breaks me apart over and over and over,
But again and again and again,
They fix back to impossible angles,
Then everything repeats and repeats and repeats.
Hoping for death,
I crawl into my deep hole.
Sometimes peeking up,
Trying to get a glimpse of you.
Then everything dysfunctions and down I fall.
But no matter what,
Forgetting you was like,
No oxygen,
No heart,
No life,
No you.
I love you,
But no love is returned,
No meaning now in life,
After waiting of you for so long.
So with a breath,
I crawl out,
Smothering my life with books.
Then like some phony magic,
The thread is broken,
And like that I finally let go.
The feelings disappear,
I'm free,
Soaring for the one that belongs to me,
The one I belong to.
For another you.

Topic(s) of this poem: heartbroken

Form: Verse

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