Familia Ties Poem by Timothy Long

Familia Ties

I will be fine,
Eventually you'll be out of my mind,
The fights were futile,
The drama you bring,
Is the downfall of everything,
You complain your alone,
It's because your toxicity was shown,
You're in distress,
While you put others under duress,
You run around town,
Giving your love away every day,
You don't have any work ethic,
You're just a lacker,
You're going nowhere's fast,
How far in life can you last,
Your looks will fade,
Something you'll contemplate,
Your love is nothing like space dust,
You think too much,
You destroyed your image,
You driven others crazy,
What a way to demean your value,
I tried to welcome you,
I tried to bring you back,
Only for you to stab me in the back,
Nothing what I've remembered,
You totally changed,
I'm afraid you might be ungently in sane,
Your trauma is made up,
You used and abused,
Honestly you are like the weather of life,
Always changing overnight,
Gaslighting is your game,
Bringing your victims to shame,
Such mind control doubt reality,
Your perception is that of matured adult,
Your reflection shows a dysfunctional child,
You think no one can see,
The hurting is to be,
I have bruises too,
Just like you,
But I will just smile,
While that fake mask falls into an ashy pile,
I wanted you to sprout,
All your lies filled others with doubt,
You can't except the truth,
I love you still,
It fills me up with grief,
Without you its not the end,
You go by other names,
Your grief did not change you,
It reveled who you are in other forms,
Time does heal most wounds,
But not the ones that you left all around you,
We shall never meet again,
Nor will any talks go through,
At last, the prima donna comes full circle,
I'm through with you.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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