Timothy Long Poems

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Kill Me Please!

i just want to cry,
why won't you let me die,
kill me please as i can not kill myself,
im dead for all i know,

Im Sick

Giving Tree

oh giving tree, oh giving tree, why don't you give to me, candy and treats with music of all sorts of beats, all sizes and shapes with magical grapes, old and young come along just to play

The Angel

The clouds were heaving with angst and sorrow. For a legend died today, all because of a great cause that he believed in. The rain dropped to the ground in weeping teardrops that touched the faces of thousands. The thunder sparked the black sky with delirious madness. The hated tyrant and beloved mytr died to end a bloody war and to free a trapped race of the slaved. That man is the great Abraham Lincoln. Abe was assassinated by the evil who he tried to help.

The Number 23

Universe's Beauty

Love's Arrow

Love is your arrow in a heart of roses, your saphire eyes burn in old time passion, with great fashion, i be your king in the sun and your knight in the moon, oh how i wish it was you, to do what angels sing in fantasys, grave in which thou undug for brains, to work ideally, to be by your side forever together, in this heart break world.

Keep Your Mind Wide Open

Keep your mind wide open, under the shadows, when i see your face, the saphire glowing brightly in a orange hoo of light,2 sides of one moon conect together in a blink of one eye, always being critized by friends and enimes alike, for what i see is a undying love in a foiled world in which 2 souls aline in over coming doubt and challenges,


Driving in madness and the saddest blury, cheating with a devils grin and gods pity, red is always seen to violence and death, blue is the oppisite, which is bliss and kindness, the angels only listen never do, only as if a mysterious as new, which path to take, good or bad, i chose the middle for it could be put in both ways, hating is never going to end, but just ignore the critics for if you do, you unlock your true self.


It was shining through my eyes with sparkling delight, making my soul britgher, so as it goes to the universal beuty, i may sit to watch it unravel the secrets to life, i tried to see what god wanted, but is not to ment to be, and as for me, i became a star in the light of the eclipse.

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