Im Sick Poem by Timothy Long

Im Sick

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im sick of many things in many different ways, im sick of the pain and depression that people have to go through, im sick of death and war that over differences that divide the world, sick over love hurting and betrayal hurting others, bullying and violence of any kind that kills people, im sick of loneliness and brokenness that destroys people, many can just ignore all of this in a predatory sense of life, im sick of never being good enough and ignored, this feeling never seems to completely dissaper only reaper from time to time, im sick of hatred and racism plus ignorance, arrogance and greed show many faults, im sick of being jealous plus having that wanting feel always staying and being prolonged, im sick of being sick, being broody and deep sinks in a way that displays the values of growing older, im sick of being tired, i want to always be free and optimistic, are others sick and angry they can't be perfect? so many flaws, is there any change in a degree, the shadows encase me until i make a shinning change but im sick, im sick of haunting realizations, im tired of tears, im sick of fakeness, tired of failureness, im sick of lies that delay me, im sick of everything, im just sick of it all.

im sick of the world, this is my frustrations.
Rajnish Manga 12 May 2016

The poet, like a genuine humanitarian, has profusely expressed her displeasure and dismay about all the negativity afflicting the world causing so much distress and frustration all around: im sick of being sick / i want to always be free and optimistic / im sick of hatred and racism plus ignorance, arrogance and greed

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Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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