Kareem Sameh

Families - Poem by Kareem Sameh

.Scattered men, never win
.Said a friend a long ago
.Was the last words he said
.After kicking his bucket, after he did Go!
.Glow in the sky of humans
.Scattered men never lives
.They live, life of dead men
.They live like some thieves
A word, a meaning
.Scattered men, A weak walk
.And some dead, to be good! ? Dreaming
.Word here, words Go
.Words never scatter and be each alone
.Or when they bunch and fly!
.It would be the writers bloom
.Words never be alone
.Or no statement would be
.It's like water, seed, sun and soil
.Then you find a strong huge tree
.Sound of hell what that means! ?
.A mean will form just don't scatter
.Dead men don't talk, dead men never walk
.Strange words! ? Doesn't matter
.FAMILY, what a good name
.Family is my pain
.My pain because they are all scattered
.Each lives in his nest
.Friendly and love are missed
.To be nice for someone is least
.I pray anothers, please never make a son
.Write such a poem
.Never makes him charge you such a big bloom
.Never leave him to feel this alone
.Never let him! From dusk till dawn
.FAMILIES. , I pray you to be like chess
.Arranged and strong
.And live so, so and so long
.Families chess goes arranged
.Every member is touching another
.Everyone is pleading one person
.Everyone is another's brother
.Families I pray you to be like chess
.They die in an arranged way, no mess
.Rainy! Stormy! OR in may
.One die, equals everybody bay
.Families be like chess
.Don't be like the family of me
.Hate! ? You ask? Yes I dO
.And for ever I will be
.Four lines after four another
.Words were put, and pen still strong
.No word I did say
.Is any fake! Is any wrong
.Families please, chess is strong
.Hand in hand
.They die together
.Or take the others land
.Chess is an ordinary game
.But a lesson must be learned from it
.Hand in hand is the moral, the main
.Hold together, don't know how to let
.A big part of heart was made for the family
.Then black OR white
.My case is so strange
.It's something like baggy or tight
. Families I pray you to be like chess
.Gather together
.And make any mess except families mess
.Because a man without his family
.Is useless...

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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