Family And Friends

gem be shaped, with destiny for other's spot is sister

If elder to brother, guider, caretaker, the half-mother is sister
The hidden talent takes out and making worthy is a teacher
If molded better is, the person to family's honest is sister and brother
A guard and well-wisher in a family run the father
Must have dared to cut open belly for conceiving children is the mother
The one close to the troupe, it wants, assistance is a friend

Most cherished candidate while playing, enjoying the friend
May sacrifice school and care for brother is sister
Must have lost sleep, and rest to be needful is a mother
Stone grinder, who shape to form a diamond is a teacher,
Close with family bearing the loads is the father
neighbors link, quiet motion, sisters play along is brother

Parents make, guidance, build quality of sister and brother
For an ideal family more the suitable are friends
Earning one side burden other keeping conform is a father
Keen on brother's care assistance to the family is sister
Routine checker could be finding in prowess eminence is the teacher
Loyal to partner, fond of children, close to neighbors is a mother

No family stay and secure without father and mother
Worthy work, in and out, with friends, help is the sister and brother
Non-by self, but culture maker and track keeper a teacher
All give a choice worthy of help and sharing is a friend
She is the half-mother of family aiding to the family is sister
Family value, worth lies in care and share of mother and father

For all the rolls mother move is worth, even for friends
For a family to enjoy, brother role equally crucially, is sister
Future statuses of all lay, in part of the teacher and the father

This poem depicts obligation part of father, mother, sisters, and brothers
Moreover, the role of friends and the teacher