Famous Characters Of Bible And Me Poem by Annie Juliet

Famous Characters Of Bible And Me

Famous Characters of Bible and ME

Oh I admire David
Who became king of Israel
I have faced it when I was not introduced as family member
Someday I too would be successful

My Favorite Joseph
I am your partner – Dreamer
My brother once told me not to call him so for being so unsuccessful
I am sure one day my dreams too would come true

Dear Hannah
I know your pains- Barren land
I cried like you at church for hours together
God gave you a son so He did to me too..

Oh Job
I completely understand your heart- betrayed by friends
I know how it is to get free advice when we are on other bank
God blessed you twice the blessing and I would also get it soon

Dear Sis Naomi
Your life was so bitter –Marrah
Mine too- but God turned it upside down
My life will also be turned upside down

Dear Jacob,
All you loved – left you alone
God was with you – you were Israel
I will also be blessed like you soon

The Son of God –Jesus
Holiest of all Petitioners prayed for certain cup to pass- It did not happen
You raised on third day as Savior of Earth
Mine are so small and I am filth – but I am your’s
You will help be raise again

Monday, April 28, 2014
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