Five Year Love Poem by Annie Juliet

Five Year Love

No one is faster than TiMe.
I still remember how we met, what we spoke on our first meet.
We still have those simple gifts that we forcibly bought for each other.
cos we dint know how to begin.
Yes! ! – Ours was an arranged marriage 
We had lots of confusions in us and people around us made more
Everyone thought tension and confusion will lead to commotion
But nothing worked as they thought..
Cos It is all pre planned by God..

It has been FIVE wonderful years
God has keep us bonded to each other
We never had troubles in understanding our hearts
I am so proud and happy when people ask “love marriage aha? ? ”
I have never had any dream man of my heart.
But when you took my hands, I felt this is the man, I will grow old with him.

It’s like yesterday – Dad told me about you.
It’s all fresh in heart n mind –may be cos we often talk about it 
Many still have a doubt on our names
We exactly have only 2 letter’s difference
Many ask me if I had changed my name after wedding – LOL

I Thanks and Praise God for He has brought right person into my life.
We are meant for each other – you make me complete
“I wanna spend my life time loving you, If that is all in life I ever do”
Stole those lines from our favourite number..
I would try my best to be
“A wife of noble character is her husband's crown”
Loved you lots- will love you more


Akhtar Jawad 16 June 2014

Congratulations and well wishes for your happy conjugal life. The first lovely impression was created by the beautiful picture of a happy couple and its colors were further beautified by this rainbow like poem.

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