Charles Monroe

Fancy Flavio - Poem by Charles Monroe

Fancy Flavio from the hills
never heard of paying bills
Though he never had an ailment
He's, regardless, taking pills.

Flavio's daddy and his mommy
Taught him Gucci and Armani
Never had to face defeat
When the world is at his feet.

Fancy Flavio has his way
With the women everyday
Always carries good excuses
For the Women he abuses

Flavio pays a pretty dime
So he'll never do no time
Rapes, assaults, and broken ribs
All the cases get dismissed.

Flavio loves the types of ladies
That adore his new mercedes
From the mountains to the valley
Even dated Sexy Sally

Fancy Flavio never learns
Too caught up in women's curves
But one day he will collect
The bad karma he deserves

Fancy Flavio finally fell
Up in L.A. County Jail
For abusive misbehavior
With the daughter of his neighbor

But what Flavio never knew
Finally got him in the end
For his neighbor was a man
Far more powerful than him

And he offered twenty thousand
Which is such a good amount
To the first man on the cell block
To knock Fancy Flavio out.

And the thing about the offer
and what really, really sucks
When the beating was all over
He was down a million bucks.

So dont be a Fancy Flavio
Treat the women very kind
Or else L.A. County inmates
Just might help you change your mind.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Poem Edited: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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