Shiloh Thompson

Fantasy Meets Reality - Poem by Shiloh Thompson

Author's Note: Inspiration comes from 'Concrete Angel' by Martina McBride.

Dancing through the Sands of Time,
Flitting on the air with angel’s wings,
A woman-child caught in limbo,
Her world that of fantasy and magic.

Unicorns, dragons and fairies too,
All her constant companions in life,
Idle dreams float upon the wind,
As the world just rides on past.

Brought to life in art and words,
She colors her bleak world with light,
Smiling at her own little life,
Ignoring the bad, embracing the good.

The teachers stare in shock and disbelief,
At all the scars and bruises on her arms,
Shadowed across her face and soul,
But she just smiles, her innocence bright.

Prancing across a gurgling stream,
Barefoot with flowers in her hair,
She is caught by an evil sorcerer,
To be taken to his hate-filled lair.

Innocence torn away with spite,
Broken once again in body and mind,
The girl just curls up, oblivious,
Living in her world of fantasy.

Riding on the back of a dragon,
She smiles, wind in her hair,
The bruises are stripped away,
As she screams with exuberance.

Lifting her hands to the sky,
She falls to a grassy knoll,
Where her friends all await her,
Welcoming with all of their love.

The teachers stare in shock and disbelief,
At the coffin as it is laid to rest,
A tombstone decorated with fantasy,
Showing the starkness of reality.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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