Fear Poem by Aisha Sherazi


Rating: 3.5

How does fear start?
When we are so small,
Fear of being alone,
With our cries we call.

Then comes further fear,
Fear of things we can't see,
Fear of the dark,
“Please don’t leave me.”

Then comes more fear,
Fear of unacceptance,
Do they want to be my friend?
Will this fear ever end?

Then comes teenage fear,
Fear of growing up,
Is this all I will be?
Will anyone ever trust me?

We pass through,
So much fear,
We go through it,
Year after year.

In old age we come full cycle,
Fear in our old bones,
We return to the oldest fear,
'I don’t want to be alone.'

Finally fear of death,
Comes with our last breath,
And that's when one comes to see,
Fear is reality.

Fear is the biggest test,
It never lets us rest,
So don't give fear a chance,
To hold you in a trance.

Take it by its toe,
In your heart, open a window,
Throw fear out and you will see,
Once and for all you can truly be free.

Alyssa Marquardt 11 November 2008

Thats an extremely well written poem! I love it! It is soo true

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Jim Tebow 08 June 2006

Are you now fear-Less? I am so sorry for my tardiness in reply, please bear with me...life.

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jess K 31 March 2006

i think its really nice! ! ! cheers..keep it up.

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