Fear And Loneliness Poem by Plague Rose

Fear And Loneliness

I sit here alone
Looking out at the shore
I throw another stone
What am I waiting for?
I say goodbye to all I know
I've never been one to preach
I'm not sure why I don't wanna go
I've always hated the beach
The sand and surf
Getting in my way
There's so much more on the earth
But for a reason I can't recall
Where I stand, I stay
And look up as clouds roll in
And the rain begins to fall
There's a shelter close by
But I'm afraid to go in
There may be people after all
But the lightning's just as frightening
And I can't get past it
I'd like it to go away
But I fear I might die without it
The broken glass and spineless carrion
Are lifted by strings like a thousand Little-Marions
They bury themselves in the crippled sands
Each and every piece given its own special place
Each and every memory hidden behind my face
The tide that should've taken them years before
Has never been strong enough
To reach the virgin shore
But loneliness is both good and bad
Though I am unconquerable
I am drunk and swaying
On the verge of going mad
And now back from the fight
And the beating I chose to take
Will nothing let me see the light
Or make the choice I want to make?
I might just find the courage one day
Under all that sand; it's just gotta be there
But for now I guess I'll just have to wait
And continue staring at all the dragons in the air

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: alone
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