Dead Poets Society Poem by Plague Rose

Dead Poets Society

These are the feelings
I felt were brewing in
Watching a wondrous movie
Off from the start
And on to the end
A film that really got to me
Recalling all the memories
The story
Of the dead poets society
I've never been one
To show my emotions
Not in public at least
If I'd been alone
My cheeks would be soaking
My happiness
Clawing its way out
Till I'm laughing like a beast
But since I was
In company
I held myself
Back valiantly
Biting my tongue
Holding my breath
Trying not to laugh
And trying not to cry
Trying not to smile
As they stand upon their desks
Yes trying
Though my failure is forgiven
I just couldn't help it
Such power in the script and writing
Robin Williams in the lead
Secretly guiding
His faithful team
To victory
To happiness
To the confidence
They needed
And to just be independent
This movie really spoke to me
Though I hate that someone
Had to die
But I guess to get a point across
You have to challenge
The ties of life
An antagonist
Who was cruelty's epitome
Said he was a realist
Well I just don't agree
A realist not only sees
What the world truly is
But a realist sees
What real can be
I myself am a realist
And I believe
What I believe
And though I'd love
To think we are different
I am sadly just as cynical
As Keating
Accused you to be
But this movie
I just can't let it go
And young Todd
Is the most like me
Too shy to let
Our feelings show
Though for the love of poetry
We shatter chains
And set our spirits free
Though never without
A push and a shove
That leads us
To yawp and scream
Fates were tested
And loves were found
A life was lost
As he lost his crown
For the beloved king
Was not allowed
To live his dream
To act and be
Who he wanted to be
But since the father
Indirectly killed his son
And they blamed the teacher
For the loaded gun
I sat there and let
My anger run
Though silent as
My cursing was
I couldn't help
But be amazed
As the students
Throughout their days
Rose from their seats
And denied their fathers ways
O captain, my captain
They spoke
As to rise above
Away from this cruelty
That left their friend to god
So now
The Dead Poets Society
Holds itself
A treasure in my heart
And within the echo
Of emotions melody
I find from my anxiety
I am able to depart

Ramesh Rai 23 September 2013

A treasure in my heart And within the echo Of emotions melody I find from my anxiety I am able to depart A beautiful poem. loved your write.

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