Richard Kane

Feverish Encounter - Poem by Richard Kane

Do you enjoy
Thinking about the day
You meet the one you're looking for
The prodigious chemistry
When your two eyes meet

Everything around you seemingly stops existing
But only for a moment
Except for in your own two minds

In that instance
Lasts an eternity
Or at least you wish that it could
A marvelous emotional notion isn't it
That in this instant
Everything in your life changes
All you want to do after that moment
Is to make sure that you have her for yourself

There is only one problem
She is with a group of friends
And you don't want to intrude
So you continue
To stare at each other
So intensely
All the while still pretending to listen
To the people that you happen to be with

After ten grueling minutes
Neither one of you can stand it
As she signals for you to get up
And finally meet
The hairs on the back of your necks start tingling
With an ecstatic anticipation

You walk outside
Your eyes never separate
Both of your nervousness starts to dwindle
As you feel an immediate comfort
In each others presence
This all just has to be a dream

A smile comes over both your faces
Both or you are forever grateful
That you've been allowed
This chance encounter
Preserve this moment in your minds
For it may never happen like this again

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 8, 2011

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