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Piercing Eyes

The way that her eyes
Focus deep within
As if you're staring right into my soul
Knowing each and everything about me
Without having asked the questions

I want to freeze this moment in time
Just to keep it ours forever
We've achieved the ultimate endeavor
Now we are truly free

The way that you dance and you move
To the rhythm
The way that you close your eyes
When you're feeling the music
Oh, just to stand there and observe you being you
I get so completely lost in this moment

It must have been those piercing eyes

Everything that I do now
Is just an attempt to get the pure ecstasy
That I felt the first night we ever met
The nervousness that I had that first night
Was almost unbearable

The way that you speak your mind
And you care what no one else thinks
You had a style all your own
Unlike anyone else that I've ever met
Could ever duplicate
We will work through the toughest of times together
No there's nothing
No nothing
That could ever stop us

Love will save our souls

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Richard Kane Popularity

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