Fiddler Jones Poem by Edgar Lee Masters

Fiddler Jones

Rating: 2.9

The earth keeps some vibration going
There in your heart, and that is you.
And if the people find you can fiddle,
Why, fiddle you must, for all your life.
What do you see, a harvest of clover?
Or a meadow to walk through to the river?
The wind's in the corn; you rub your hands
For beeves hereafter ready for market;
Or else you hear the rustle of skirts
Like the girls when dancing at Little Grove.
To Cooney Potter a pillar of dust
Or whirling leaves meant ruinous drouth;
They looked to me like Red-Head Sammy
Stepping it off to 'Toor-a-Loor.'
How could I till my forty acres
Not to speak of getting more,
With a medley of horns, bassoons and piccolos
Stirred in my brain by crows and robins
And the creak of a wind-mill- only these?
And I never started to plow in my life
That some one did not stop in the road
And take me away to a dance or picnic.
I ended up with forty acres;
I ended up with a broken fiddle-
And a broken laugh, and a thousand memories,
And not a single regret.

Friday, January 3, 2003
Topic(s) of this poem: music
Olivia .o 16 February 2016

I love this. It is a beautiful poem

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Alisha Castle 07 January 2016

lovely poetry...............

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Lot of happiness in reading this poem and likes it.

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Rajesh Thankappan 28 February 2015

Nice poem. Loved it.

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