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I saw the poet write
Brilliantly bright,
A sublime poetry
With intricate artistry.

Are we no more than mere puppets
Remote controlled by the secret strings of fate?
Or are we just a passing eyewitness
Watching a puppetry show being staged?

Little lamb, little lamb
Why don't you bleat?
I can tell you
You sound so sweet.

I would love to let it go
Would then love to see it grow
Love to see it bloom one day
To pluck its fruits ripened in the sunray -

I blew air and the pipe piped
A tune full of joy and delight,
I blew the pipe for sometime on
The tune soon turned into a song.

Your remembrance
Are my thoughts
In which I delve
For sustenance.

A soothing balm is good music
For it can provide succour even to the sick
It has in it rhythm and harmony
Sweetness that we experience in melody.

The dove of peace
That graced the azure sky
Was shot down
By a nice young guy

The child was unfortunately washed away by the tide
For after a prolonged struggle he had died,
Leaving his parents in a sea of shore-less grief
From where they can’t find relief, even tantalizingly brief.


Trees, trees,
Bustling with leaves
Waves at clouds
And dances in the breeze,

When we cheat others
We cheat ourselves first
Of our honesty
Our integrity

We should learn to laugh
Even through the clouds dark,
Though our spirit may be low
And trampled under the boots below.

Life's little pleasures
Are the real treasures
That makes it twinkle
And provide it with a sparkle.

I rose, I rose,
From the trampled soil
I rose, I rose,
From the dust and the dirt

Her home was housed upon the mountain high
Where the earth rose steeply to embrace the sky,
Where clouds and dreams in tandem roam
Mix and mingle unhindered in their celestial home.

I asked my cricketer uncle
To buy me a toy,
But he bought me a tricycle
And I danced with joy.

I warmly remember those winter days
When in our lawns we would set bonfires ablaze,
And our neighbors would automatically swarm
To share with us its glowing warmth.

Let us like birds sing merry song
At the break of dawn,
For are we not each day reawakened
And in a way into the world reborn?

Lost in the chaotic traffic of life
With roads merging and branching everywhere,
I fail to take note of the tracks
That has conveyed me thus so far.

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A Poet

I saw the poet write
Brilliantly bright,
A sublime poetry
With intricate artistry.

The poem was written
With a heart maybe love smitten,
Not on a piece of paper
But upon the pages of nature.

I watched fascinated
Spellbound and enchanted
Quite wonder-struck
By his wonderful subtle work.

When the poet's work was done
All hearts would surely be won
For a lovely ‘rose' was spun
Under the cheerful sun.

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Pari 17 June 2022

Nice 👏

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 22 March 2015

An introvert poet, who frequently surfaces from his dives into himself with beautiful pearls of poetry! Blessed be. I wish him all the best.

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James Fox 22 January 2015

the poems are beautiful

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James Fox 22 January 2015

i think the poems are beautiful

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