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A Poet

I saw the poet write
Brilliantly bright,
A sublime poetry
With intricate artistry.

Divine Fate

Are we no more than mere puppets
Remote controlled by the secret strings of fate?
Or are we just a passing eyewitness
Watching a puppetry show being staged?

The Little Lamb (A Poem For Kids)

Little lamb, little lamb
Why don't you bleat?
I can tell you
You sound so sweet.

Planting A Mango Seed

I would love to let it go
Would then love to see it grow
Love to see it bloom one day
To pluck its fruits ripened in the sunray -

A Musical Entreaty

I blew air and the pipe piped
A tune full of joy and delight,
I blew the pipe for sometime on
The tune soon turned into a song.

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An introvert poet, who frequently surfaces from his dives into himself with beautiful pearls of poetry! Blessed be. I wish him all the best.

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James Fox 22 January 2015

the poems are beautiful

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James Fox 22 January 2015

i think the poems are beautiful

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