Xixi Cape

Rookie (? ? ? -? / Little Ville)

Filthy A** Freestyle. - Poem by Xixi Cape

I'm a hit b*tch!
I'm a f**king lunatic!
Laughing up the walls
Cause my money will never falls.
If it falls, I hope it falls on you,
I hope everything dirty rains on ya dumb parade.

Keep my name out ya mouth,
take meh seriousley.
ya know, what my name is..ya, it's Xixi.
spell it backwards if you want.
Put in a different font!

Whats wrong with ya?
You got that dead look on ya face.
Awky lookin' walk.
Stay in ya place,
hatin' a** citizen.
All up in here trifllin'

Thats right i'm sicker than ya average.
Diagnosed with the bird flu.
You stay gettin' excited over sniffin' glue.
And i'll stay over here picking out the glass shoe.
Cinderella, Bella, Snow White
got nothin on me.
don't need to smoke up some trees to be Miss Easy.
I run my own party.
I'm filled up with Bacardi.
Who knows where I will be,
in 2023? ?
Up on the moon,
fightin' giant balloons.

Money so big
i might need a ladder.
if you see, then believe it, hold on tight to ya bladder.
Stay on me,
like rats on some cheese.
filthy and nasty.
not runnin' anything but my own s**t,
trailer trash bit,
hop on a spaceship.
go burn ya ugly a**.
when you hit the grass,
with you and friends.
or should I say raccoons,
who laugh like retarded loons.

up out my face like M.C.
thank you Nicki
i'm back from point b.
you tried to drown this bad b*tch
in a blood red sea.
you are not lucky,
your boyfriend gives me hickeys,
he says he wants to lick me,
but i rejected cause he's filthy.
he's been with you,
but not Xixi!
they all trynna to get with me.

i'm stuck on my throne.
hide all the damn bones!
it's called assault to the third degree
shhh...im not really alone
: D

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, August 5, 2010

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