Five Short Poems Poem by Deanna Samuels

Five Short Poems

Spring 2022

Bleak and Desolate

Countryside four months into winter
has that bleak and desolate look.
Snow covered fields and meadows
edged with bared bush and trees,
their branches as charcoaled outline
against the greyness of daytime sky.
A landscape cold, empty, uninviting
stretching out to the farthest horizon

A Cold Clear Sunny Day

Morning broke to a cold clear sunny day,
a perfect occasion for a short brisk walk.
At last, get out, explore the neighborhood
after weeks of being restricted to abode.
Enwrapped in snug faux lined winter coat
stepped out onto the snow-covered path
as icy air abruptly caught my warm breath,
braced whole body, walked bravely on.

A Soft Breeze

A soft breeze swept through the open window
creating coolness to their warm embrace.
Gentle caresses betrayed their true feelings
of a deep passionate love for the other.
Another breeze swept through the open window,
colder than before, enough to give a chill.
With gentle haste, they pull coverlet upon them
bringing warmth and comfort, easing slowly to sleep.

Washing, Washing, Washing

Washing, washing, washing!
A thankless, endless, mindless chore.
Laundry basket just been emptied -
turn around, goodness - there's more!
Clothes appear as if by magic,
silently, slyly, lying in wait,
poised to fill another load
of washing, washing, washing.

The Leaves Have Fallen

The leaves have fallen, how barren trees appear,
their once glorious emerald dress scattered at roots.
Bough and branch naked, exposing the browny bark
tapering to smallest twig as aging twisting veins.
Wind no longer rustles gently through leafy breadths
but rushes quickly between their skeletal arms.
Cold breezes draw in tree's own natural guard,
closing down to pass through winter's icy peak.

Written in Courtice, Ontario, Spring 2022.

Friday, November 25, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: winter,coldness,affinity and love,cleaning,leaves
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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