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Lost a friend today,
knew it was to be
but seemed too soon.
A good friend,

Only a widow will know what you mean
To lose that dear man, you were one of a team

To be part of a group that know only couples

The train pulls into the station
Passengers alight
Look around to see what direction to take
Some go at a brisk gait

South West Ontario, an area of almost 36,800 square kilometers
With a general rural population of about two and a half million
Surrounded by three of the Great Lakes, Ontario, Erie and Huron

On this clear cloudless day in mid-November
The deciduous trees are almost bare
A few bronzed fading leaves still hang on
The rest have fallen, lay upon the ground

The rain fell long and heavily last night
Its downfall creating a thunderstorm within
All through the dark hours the deluge fell until the morning light
Skies clearing, a glimpse of blue appeared, a new day begins

The blaze of autumn has turned to brown and winter green
Fallen leaves in heaps reduced to saddened withering compost
Gardeners brooms, rakes and leaf blowers are out in force
Sweeping the crumpling foliage into compostable sacks

What a delay there has been today
Cold fresh blasting gusting winds have had their say
Several hours to wait as plane is late
Pushed back as inward flight held up in northern State

My eyes were opened wide today
Today in 2020
A country as as rich as we
To have so many living in poverty

Farewell Creek in dead of winter, meanders in the best way it may
Iced over along its banks as it gently gurgles with little spray
Pools of frozen water have formed into temporary islets
Narrowing the open passage for the continuing flow of stream jets

Autumn is now upon us
Foliage changing
Changing to its burning bronze gown
Gone are summer's lush succulent greens

Once again, sitting quietly outside the grocery store
Snow was falling down in a steady unhurried journey
Not as the last time, when that sudden mini blizzard struck
As written about in "Snow Fell into A Blizzard" last April

Trees that had stood so proudly
So proudly for 20,30,40 years or more
Cut down in one fair swoop
In a matter of hours, gone

How forlorn that lost glove looks
Now, into the third week of abandonment
A bright pink puffy mitten, a child's glove
It's partner now of little use, somewhere else

Is there ever a time when you can play a joke
and then get away with it without even a poke!
You've thought up all the funny ways
to take on a friend for a hoax for days

As the day draws to a close
The trill of birds' chorus
Crescendos to a shrilling peak
Their busy day ended to find and seek

How soon
How soon will this country graveled road be lost to tarmacadam
As yet so far out into the sparsely inhabited farms and rural homes
Fields abound each side producing food crops for the population

Watching the UK Coronation on TV today,
the significance, the opulence, the pageantry,
the robes, the clothes, the crowds, the bunting,
my memories brought me back 70 years ago

Another New Year has slipped into our lives
Turning over more quickly as each twelve months go by
We celebrate with champagne and favorite dishes
Making resolves, but often, most hardly finishes


Along the ocean edge
waves never cease.
All day, all night
they roll up to the shore

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Just a few years ago I found I was able to express myself in verse, finding inspiration from walking, vacations, nature, seasons, people and the world around us. My current portfolio of over 250 poems and verse which can be found on will gradually be added to this site. Please do go into and read my poems on this site, many are very inspiring of events in real life. I tend to add a new poem or two about every month. Do please visit me again and look forward to any comments you may make. Thanks Deanna)

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Lost A Friend Today

Lost a friend today,
knew it was to be
but seemed too soon.
A good friend,
succumbed to cancer,
remained cheerful, positive
as though there was time,
all the time in the world.
Did not want treatment,
let nature take its course,
lived each day as it came.
The last day was today,
loved ones by her side.

A little over a week ago
we chatted on the phone,
she, still bright and erudite,
her voice so very calm,
not betraying any anguish
of her underlying malaise.

A few days later,
she phoned and thanked me
for the beautiful plant display,
said it gave her much joy
seeing such brightly colored blooms
smiling back at her.
We said we'd talk again very soon.
Soon, sadly, will now not happen.

She has gone to her everlasting rest,
a lady so kind to others, sweet, selfless,
sharing her wisdom whenever needed.
A lovely lady, so poised and chic.

My dear friend Anne, will miss you.

Written at Halliburton, Ontario - 13th March 2022.

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