South West Ontario Scenes And Changing Seasons Poem by Deanna Samuels

South West Ontario Scenes And Changing Seasons

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South West Ontario, an area of almost 36,800 square kilometers
With a general rural population of about two and a half million
Surrounded by three of the Great Lakes, Ontario, Erie and Huron
With the added bonus of beautiful Georgian Bay atop to enthrall
A region of industry, education, abundant farms and Niagara Falls
Its coastline brimming with friendly vacation towns and villages
The piece de resistance City of Stratford, superb theatrical productions

SUDDENLY, the countryside has changed
Within a few days the lush green has turned to yellow and orange
Summer has rapidly turned its tail
Autumn replacing with swift derail

BUT WAIT, the season has not yet fully transformed
Meadow grasses still retain their place but with easing emerald
Though now golden leaves litter their firm blades
Windswept and appearing as smoldering burning cascades

Small and large farmsteads seen from afar appear naked and undressed
The crops around them stripped and harvested, perhaps to make bread
Dried faded yellow corn stalks being cut down and stacked
Remaining stumps ploughed into soil for mulch-enriched impact

Cattle and sheep remain grazing in grassy but muddy green fields
Horses romping, a llama farm open, though best use booted flat heels
Rows of almost ready Christmas trees being grown for festive season
Two months away yet for final height and width for decoration reason

Small towns and villages framed behind the autumn shades
Hedge rowed fields abound with late autumn crops and hidden glades
Many unusual sights seen on roads throughout the countryside
Rusting old farm gear, cemetery stones in pyramid style side by side

Orchards bereft of all summer fruit, long gone to market
Though sweet pepper pickers bent over endless rows to make their target
Heaps of pumpkins passed over, missing out the fun of Halloween
Logs stacked and ready for winter fires, a saving on propane gasoline

Fir trees beginning to come into their own as deciduous foliage falls away
Countless turbine windmills turn their vanes whatever time of night or day
New industry of greenhouse production covering acres of flat land
Mitigating the loss of closure of a onetime mainstay for many hands

Busy summer coastal resorts have transformed almost into ghost towns
The lively beach shops, cafes and ice cream parlors have all but closed down
Leaving the year-round residents of the areas in a more tranquil mode
To enjoy the quietness of the winter season in their own content and abode

A sprinkle of snow dusted the land north near the Blue Mountain ski resorts
Giving undeniable signs of looming changing season to cold air and icy sports
Before too long, the autumn hold will concede to winter's fast approach
Another chance for more exciting scenes of season's change to broach

Written in Richmond Hill, Ontario - 31st October 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: farm,halloween,lakes,seaside,seasons,trees,vacation,village
Scenes observed during driving trip around South West Ontario
Chinedu Dike 16 October 2019

I like the visionary impact of flow of your words. A beautiful work of art, deeply detailed with good rendition of words. Thanks for sharing.

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Francie Lynch 07 November 2017

Nice landscape poem. I know the area well, though I don't see many sheep. Go to Ireland for that. :)

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Deanna Samuels 07 November 2017

Thanks for liking my SW Ontario poem which reflected an area you know. My first touring visit, a great place, all as described. I was pleasantly surprised to see a number of fields with a lot of sheep in them, not an often sighting from your comments. Ireland - been there done that, a great place to visit. Have even kissed the Blarney stone and a picture and certificate to prove it!

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Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

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