Flying To The North With Porter Airlines Poem by Deanna Samuels

Flying To The North With Porter Airlines

Flying to the North with Porter Airlines
Directly from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
Certainly, as now experienced, a much easier and more pleasant way to go
Parking a synch with well signed road approach
A short walk through parkette and into state of the art entrance terminal
Efficient and smooth people movers take over any strain
While journeying through the well-lit tunnel under Western Channel
Escalators and elevators swiftly elevate to spacious check-in hall
Found plenty of computer screens with simple to follow instructions
Once boarding pass printed, onwards through security without much ado
Beware though, if only with carry-on luggage
Keep liquid containers and sprays to permitted amount or they are lost!
Into the well-appointed designed waiting lounge
Good comfortable seating arrangements laid out
Flight status message screens every few yards
Plug-ins for re-charge of every modern day device
Clean accessible washrooms, water fountains nearby
Nice surprise too, complimentary snacks and refreshments to enjoy
Freshly prepared sandwiches and desserts for those with keener appetites
Good clear announcements for flight calls, keeping passengers informed
Once flight boarding called, commenced with minimal fuss
Cabin staff welcoming all with wide friendly smiles
Helped passengers to settle into allotted seats
Plane commenced down runway and then up and away to Thunder Bay
A smooth flight ensued; more complimentary refreshments served
Made for a nice experience and seemed to quicken the flight
Looking through porthole, an overview of approach to Thunder Bay
Revealed a number of small islands surrounded by ice
The main coastline though, free of any winter snow
Enabled Lake Superior to show and be seen at its best
Landing very smoothly at this Northern airport
Onwards to landing gate, deplaned within minimum of time
More smiles on departure by cabin staff wishing travellers a great day
Gave a feel good factor to whatever venture planned that ahead lay
Flying to the North from Toronto City Airport was completed and at an end
Made all the more easier, comfortable and pleasant
Going with the care, attention and efficiency of Porter Airlines

Written while at Thunder Bay and completed at Richmond Hill, Ontario
27th March 2017

Thursday, April 6, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: air hostess,flight,lake,airplane,airport
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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